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William & Kate Review

by | Apr 18, 2011 | Lifetime Premiere, Reviews, The 2010s | 2 comments

WML Guess Synopsis

William and Kate are lovers who go on a bank robbing spree across the country that can only end badly.

Actual DirecTV Synopsis

Prince William meets Kate Middleton at University of St. Andrews in Scotland.

Level of Attention While Watching: Devoted Husband

Devoted Husband: Was giving the movie 100% of my attention

With Wife, but Thinking of Mistress: Watching the movie, but not giving it my full attention

Cheating Bastard: I wasn’t paying much attention to the movie at all

Ben Cross

Ben Cross

Prince Charles

I’m not highly familiar with Ben Cross, but he has quite the extensive IMDB page and has been around since 1972 so to list him as a C-Lister is probably an insult to him, but I bet no more than 3/10 people would know who Ben Cross is if they’re under the age of 30.  I think he tore up the role of Prince Charles though, had the look and played the part well.

Nico Evers-Swindell

Nico Evers-Swindell

Prince William

I’d be lying if I said I loved Nico Evers-Swindell’s performance as Prince William.  I’d also be lying if I said I could say his name 3x fast.  What sucks for Nico is the fact he has to play one of the most ultimate Ladies Men in Prince William.  Usually the actor who portrays the real life guy in a movie is better looking, but in this case, I think most people would take the real Prince William instead.  Nico played the role well I guess, he was tall and delivered his lines.

Camilla Luddington

Camilla Luddington

Kate Middleton

I really thought Camilla Luddington tore up the role as Kate Middleton.  Maybe that’s just because she tweeted at me (#humblebrag), but I think she had the look – wasn’t unrealistically hot, but very attractive (that’s a compliment) – and was a good actress for the role.  She’s just had a few minor roles in things, but I expect her to appear in a few more things going forward.

The Movie (with spoilers)

So apparently this wedding is a pretty big deal, especially to the ladies out there.  My wife has even mentioned taking the day off from work just to watch it live or fly to the wedding in hopes of stopping it.  “William & Kate” is just a TV movie to tell the world of Prince William (Evers-Swindell) and Kate Middleton’s (Luddington) story and how they met.  I haven’t done much extensive research on the subject, but most of the movie seems to be rather accurate.

Mark Teixeira who looks like the real Prince William

NY Yankees 1B Mark Teixeira

The movie starts out with William heading off to college in another town which means he’ll be away from his family and isolated.  As I mentioned above when I discussed Evers-Swindell, I wasn’t crazy about him as Prince William.  Sure he was tall, could speak with the accent, and looked enough like Prince William you got the point, but I think it would have been a lot more interesting had they gotten New York Yankees’ First Baseman Mark Teixeira to be Prince William instead.  They could have filmed it in the offseason to work around his schedule.

When William first gets to college he starts making friends left and right and girls are also checking him out left and right.  He meets Kate in a class of his but she has a jealous boyfriend who doesn’t like William from the start, even though Kate doesn’t show much affection towards William at all.

After the first year (or maybe semester) at school, William tells Kate he doesn’t know if he’ll return as he’d like to be closer to home.  She seems moderately disappointed, but doesn’t let it show.  After discussing the topic with his dad, Prince Charles, he decides to go back to the same school Kate is at.  Soon after that he attends a fashion show Kate is in where she shows some skin and this is where he decides she’s a hottie and needs to work his game on her.  However she has that jealous boyfriend so William orders him to be killed, just kidding, but I’m sure he thought about it and could have had it done if he wanted to.  William does come on to Kate after the fashion show, but she does what every taken woman in America WOULDN’T do and rejects him.

Fast forward a bit and apparently Kate’s boyfriend is done with school and going somewhere else and they say they’ll do the whole long distance relationship thing, but we all know those don’t work and for those of you reading this that it did work out for you, man… sucks to be you, all those nights on the phone, the constant travel, can’t believe you made it work, in fact comment below telling everyone how you made it work.  Kate and her boyfriend apparently break up later on after doing the long distance thing since William makes a move and Kate goes along with it.

At first William wants to keep the relationship on the down low as he doesn’t want the press to know about it and start following them around everywhere.  This bugs Kate at first as she thinks she’s not wanted, but she doesn’t realize men do this all the time, they’re called married men.  But seriously, William has a point because as soon the relationship is made public after Prince William sings a terrible song to her at some ski lodge bar, the paparazzi are all over them like Snooki on a Juicehead.

Everything is going well between them, even after the press knows, Kate has a few typical woman emotional breakdowns, but that’s to be expected.  Both William and Kate graduate from school so that throws a little hickup into their relationship as Kate begins working and William goes off to train with the troops.  The tabloids start asking the question of when William will propose and I think it starts to get to Kate a bit.  As William goes off to train with his troops and decides he wants to pursue being a pilot, he also decides he wants a little space from Kate.  She doesn’t like this and instead ends it with a dramatic, “Stop the car!” and get out scene.  After that Kate, takes the breakup pretty hard, but at the same time plays hard to get and things were looking bad there until William realized what he was missing and decided to try and get Kate back.

William is finally able to win Kate back as he surprises her at a rowing practice and she decides to give him a second chance.  After that, they fly down to South Africa and William finally comes to his senses and proposes to Kate.

Intense Momemts with Keith

Intense Moment #1

When Prince William went in for a kiss on Kate the first time and got rejected, I almost thought her boyfriend was going to creep up on William and lay the smack down.  Okay, I didn’t really think that, but it was moderately intense since Prince William probably didn’t hear, “No,” very often from the ladies, or the men for that matter.

Intense Moment #2

I don’t know about you, but after Kate called it off with William, I didn’t know what was going to happen next.  Were they going to get back together?  I was on the edge of my seat waiting to find out!  Luckily William came to his senses and saw what he was missing and got his girl back.

Other Possible Titles

Titles from a man’s point of view:

  • “William Don’t Do It”
  • “Think About This Some More William”
  • “Who Are William’s Real Friends?”

Titles from a woman’s point of view:

  • “That Lucky Wh**e”
  • “He Can Do Better… Me”
  • “It Won’t Last”


Prince William's Doppleganger

Nico Evers-Swindell looks a lot like Phillies’ pitcher Cole Hamels

Prince Harry's Doppleganger

The actor who played Prince Harry got one scene and in that one scene he looked like Lloyd Christmas’ son.

Closing Thoughts

Wasn’t crazy about it.  Just a little too romantic and cheesy for me.  My wife didn’t dig it because she likes the REAL Prince William, not the actor who plays Prince William on TV.  It was nice to learn a bit more about how they met and some events that took place in their life, but just wasn’t my style of a Lifetime movie.

  • Ben Cross deserves a lot more respect then he has been given. He does not short change his fans, that’s for sure and he does have a lot of fans under 30. If you don’t believe that, check out his FB page.

    • Hey! The site’s very first comment ever! I just may have to up him to B-Lister then. I think a very well known actor (whose name is escaping me) once said Ben Cross is the best actor you’ve never heard of.