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The Perfect Assistant Review

by | Jul 8, 2011 | Reviews, The 2000s | 1 comment

The Perfect Assistant PosterWML Guess Synopsis

A CEO of a company has an attractive assistant who’ll do anything for him in a work sense and in a sexual sense.

Actual DirecTV Synopsis

A woman feels the need to tell her married boss that she is in love with him.


Level of Attention While Watching: Devoted Husband
Devoted Husband: Was giving the movie 100% of my attention With Wife, but Thinking of Mistress: Watching the movie, but not giving it my full attention Cheating Bastard: I wasn’t paying much attention to the movie at all
Josie Davis

Josie Davis


The star of the show, Rachel, is played by Josie Davis.  Davis has a lengthy IMDb page, mainly all with TV appearances of some sort.  Davis plays the loving and overly caring assistant of David.  She has the right amount of hot mixed with the right amount of psycho-ness.  I’ll be sure to be on the lookout for more Lifetime appearances of Josie Davis.

Chris Potter

Chris Potter


Chris Potter plays the business big shot David who just lost his wife and has an assistant willing to do anything to make sure he’s taken care of.  I like Potter in the movie as he’s very confident and commanding and doesn’t try to do too much in the movie and accepts his role.

Sophie Gendron

Sophie Gendron


Sophie Gendron is a Lifetime movie all-star.  Her IMDb page is nothing but TV movies.  Gendron has a tiny role in The Perfect Assistant as she’s some nanny or something named Mary-Beth.  Gendron is certainly attractive, but she also looks as if she got some bad plastic surgery done on her lips or something as they just puff on out.  If she didn’t have such a solid Lifetime movie career, then I could certainly see her starring in adult movies.

The Movie (with spoilers)

I have to admit, I’m pretty behind when it comes to watching Lifetime movies with “perfect” in the title but I decided I need to knock at least one out and I started with The Perfect Assistant.  The drama starts out with a dad, David (Potter), and his daughter at a hospital and something is wrong with his wife.  He then has to call up his assistant, Rachel (Davis), and tell her to reschedule some meetings and gives her the heads up on what’s going on.

Little does David know, Rachel has pictures of him plastered on her wall so she’s going to take this opportunity to get close to him and run with it.  Before Rachel receives that call from David, she’s rushing her not-the-least-bit-attractive roommate, Nora, to get ready to go to a movie and is getting really annoyed they’re going to be late.  Then Rachel gets David’s call and completely abandons Nora and leaves her hanging.  Rachel goes above and beyond of what David asks and shows up to the hospital and then volunteers to take David’s daughter,  Isabelle, home as it’s clear she’s tired and needs to rest and it’ll be a long night for David.  We (as in you and me since we watched this movie together) then find out Rachel has a key to David’s house as he gave her one in the past.

After Rachel takes Isabelle to David’s house and tucks her in, she then finds home video of David with his family at picnic and pretends as if David is talking to her through the TV, beyond that nothing else creepy has happened and it seems to be typical assistant to a big shot at a company behavior, I’d know since I’ve seen plenty of big shots in movies and how their assistants act.

Rachel starts doing whatever she can for David, she takes his daughter to school and then hugs her good bye as she goes off to class and feels as if she’s David’s wife, then a lady comes up to her and says, “You have a very beautiful daughter,” or something along those lines and she just goes with it instead of saying, “Oh, it’s not my daughter, it’s my boss’ daughter you idiot, she looks nothing like me, how could you even think that?  How do you even live with yourself?  If I were you I’d walk into oncoming traffic right in front of all these children.”

As David’s wife is in the hospital, he finds out she has some type of bacterial infection that’s very rare and he passes this on to Rachel – the information, not the infection itself.  Rachel then reads up on this rare bacterial infection and then sneaks into the hospital, since anyone seems to be able to do that in any given movie and there’s never security around and no cameras see anything, and then injects the wife with some type of bacteria or poison, thus killing her.

Isabelle really loves Rachel and pushes to have her involved in activities and David suspects nothing of Rachel, just think she’s a great co-worker who cares about David and his daughter and the business and her job.  Rachel, David, and Isabelle go to a zoo together and have a good time and Rachel’s love for David just burns stronger.

There’s a client that David’s company really needs to get or else layoffs might happen.  This client is going to pick between David’s firm and another competitor run by a guy named Grady.  Rachel gets some dirt on this Grady guy and then e-mails him from an internet café (has anyone ever been to one?) using a fake e-mail address from John Smith (not making that up) and tells him to drop out of the race or else Grady’s wife will know about the other woman in his past.  Needless to say David gets the client and then has to go to New York for a lunch, only thing is… Rachel doesn’t get invited and instead it’s Judith (one of David’s co-workers), Isabelle, and the newly hired nanny who is still trying to get a Visa for her mother.

Of course Rachel can’t just NOT set it up so she gets to go, so she poisons Judith’s coffee so Judith gets really sick and then she impersonates a social worker and calls the nanny to say her Visa appointment is on a different day.  David then says Isabelle won’t be able to go to NY and then Rachel chimes in with, “Oh, how about I go and watch her while you do lunch?”  Of course David goes for it.

While in The Big Apple, Rachel takes Isabelle out to the park while David goes to his important meetings.  Rachel and Isabelle have a great time together and it’s clear to me that Isabelle wants Rachel to hook up with her dad and get impregnated by him so they’re stuck together and Isabelle has a new brother or sister.

After the fun filled day in the city, Rachel and David are cooling down in their large hotel room and then Rachel kisses David.  And then she wakes up from a dream where David is really just blabbing to her in real life.  After he gets done blabbing, David gives Rachel a present which is jewelry of some sort and then they hug.  David then asks Rachel, “How about we go into my bed room for the next present I want to give you,” Rachel then concurs.  I then wake up from my dream of what I wanted to see happen in the movie and instead see Rachel kiss David but gets straight up denied.  David makes it clear they’re co-workers and Rachel runs off feeling dumb.  The next morning is a bit awkward but David is cool with it.

When Rachel gets back home, she’s obviously very down as she blew her chance with David so anything will set her off.  As she goes upstairs, she finds her roommate using her computer and this just sets her off.  Nora starts to apologize but she’s apologizing while standing at the top of the stairs.  I think Rachel hears me shouting “Push her down the stairs!” as that’s exactly what Rachel does and Nora goes tumbling down to her death.  I assume she died, maybe just broke her neck.

Roommate cyber sex on Rachel's laptop

After Nora’s laptop died during an intense online dating session, Nora pushed her luck by using Rachel’s laptop and then Rachel pushed Nora down some stairs – too bad it didn’t happen sooner in the movie.

Sh** just keeps raining on Rachel as she gets fired by David when going back to work.  Wally – another coworker – brought up all the suspicious stuff that has been going on with Rachel and then Judith agrees with him as well.  Rachel doesn’t seem to get the point as she shows up to David’s house later that evening and David tells her to get out of there.

Later on, David has a big business dinner with all the current employees at some fancy smancy restaurant and then guess who shows up… You didn’t guess Isabelle did you?  If you did, just go to a different site as this site isn’t for dumbasses.  It was Rachel who showed up!  But guess what she brought with her!  A GUN!  Things got tense at the dinner but luckily no one was hurt and Rachel ended up getting arrested and got sent to jail where she then continues her crazy love for David with love letters.


The Perfect Assistant Doppleganger

If Dennis Quaid weren’t Dennis Quaid, then I think Chris Potter could be Dennis Quaid.


 Fake Search Engine

Fake Search Engine Seek N Click

I don’t find a seek-n-click when I use a real search engine like Google to search for it.


 Douche of the Movie

When Wally was first introduced, I immediately marked him down as “Douche of the Movie” in my notes, but as the movie went on, I kind of grew to like him, but figured I’d stick with my original thought process and include him in this category anyway.

Wally hitting on Rachel

Wally getting denied by Rachel much like Rachel got denied by David.


 You’d Better Pay for that Advertising

No free advertising

Check out the cups, Lifetime said, “I don’t care if your grandma works there, we’re not giving her free advertising.” Dark tape though? I’m sure you could do better than that Lifetime.


Closing Thoughts

The Perfect Assistant has everything you could want in a Lifetime movie – murder, gossip, devious plans, ugly roommates, and plenty of determination to get what you want.  I believe the Lifetime Diva for a Day (Becky I think her name was?) picked this as one of her movies and you can see why after watching it.

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