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Student Seduction Review

by | Apr 26, 2011 | Reviews, The 2000s | 0 comments

WML Guess Synopsis

Student SeductionA student gets lucky with a hot teacher, but then ruins it for every other male student who has a chance with her by telling the cops when the teacher doesn’t want to continue.

Actual DirecTV Synopsis

A happily married teacher is falsely accused of having a sexual relationship with a student who accosted her.

Level of Attention While Watching: Devoted Husband

Devoted Husband: Was giving the movie 100% of my attention

With Wife, but Thinking of Mistress: Watching the movie, but not giving it my full attention

Cheating Bastard: I wasn’t paying much attention to the movie at all

Elizabeth Berkley

Elizabeth Berkley

Christie Dawson

If you don’t know the name Elizabeth Berkley then you know the name Jessie Spano and if you don’t know the name Jessie Spano, you’re either 35 or older or you were living in a hole during the early 90s.  Berkley never turned out to be a big movie star after her “Saved by the Bell” days, but neither did anyone else and she’s had a solid/steady film career making multiple appearances in movies and TV shows.

Corey Sevier

Corey Sevier

Josh Gaines

You’ve probably never heard of Corey Sevier unless you watch a lot of random TV shows, then you’ve probably seen him play a bit role in something.  He does a good job in “Student Seduction” as he’s supposed to be the guy you hate while watching the movie and welp, I certainly hated him and I mean that as a compliment I think.

The Movie (with spoilers)

This movie was totally different than I wish it had been.  I originally thought it was going to be about Elizabeth Berkley having a relationship with a student.  I just saw the synopsis and read Elizabeth Berkley and then saw the title and made it a must watch to me.

Elizabeth Berkley plays Mrs. Dawson, the hot chemistry teacher.  One of her students, Josh (Sevier) needs some extra tutoring in chemistry and Mrs. Dawson is happy to help.  As a way to say, “Thank you,” to Mrs. Dawson for agreeing to tutor him, he invites her to a friendly dinner where they don’t actually eat and instead just talk and play with their food and then Josh gets a little personal and hits on her.  Mrs. Dawson puts a stop to this and says that hot smart chicks can exist in the chemistry world, especially after you graduate from Bayside as the #2 in your class (remember Screech was #1) and then goes on to Ivy League everyone at Columbia University.  Going out to eat with Josh was really just a bad idea from the start as this planted a seed for other students to see them together so questions could begin to be asked.

Besides being the hot chem teacher at school, Dawson is also married to a guy that makes you say, “What’s she doing with him?  He must be a doctor.”  Luckily they uncover Mr. Dawson’s profession within the first few minutes of the movie and he clearly states that he is a doctor and she doesn’t even have to work, so you can then focus during the movie instead of wondering why she’s with a mixture of Mark Cuban and Jason Bateman.

The movie flashes to Josh every now and then and he’s got a steady girlfriend at school, there’s even a sexual shower scene with him and his girl and they unwrap his abusive side there when he wants to get another session in while her parents are gone, but she refuses.  There are also flashes to another girl at school, Jenna, that Josh hits on every now and then.  You don’t really know why as she’s kind of a goody goody and I think her middle name is Home and her last name is Lee, more on her later.

Josh’s crush on Mrs. Dawson starts to turn into more than an innocent crush, which I like to call… more than an innocent crush.  Her Volkswagen won’t start after school and he happens to be near and helps her get it started again.  Then later on, Mrs. Dawson’s homeroom had perfect attendance so she throws them a pizza party.  Although Josh isn’t in her home room, she invites him as he passes by in the hallway.  Let me expand on this a bit more.  If I were a student in her homeroom, I’d be pissed she did this.  Josh didn’t bust his butt to have perfect attendance, he was skipping class banging his girlfriend, why does he get my pizza?  And second, Mrs. Dawson’s pizza party looks awesome compared to what I grew up with.  She had boxes of pizza so there really wasn’t a piece limit.  I never had any pizza parties in high school, but in elementary school, there was like a one slice limit.  Maybe that’s a good thing in today’s schooling system as child obesity is an issue, but I was an active kid and one slice didn’t hold me over (#bitter).  Josh’s crush even goes as far as to call Mrs. Dawson by her first name, Christie, which is pretty much one of the most disrespectful things you can do to a high school teacher, I still have lash marks from when I once called my high school teachers by their first name only.

One day when Mrs. Dawson is participating in the teacher only swim session, Josh happens to still be there and he’s all hitting on her in the pool.  She then asks him to leave and she catches up with him in the halls and then he tries to get his mack on and kisses her.  To his misfortune, she isn’t Mary Kay Letourneau so she slaps him and says, “You’re in big trouble mister!” or something along those lines.

Mrs. Dawson reports this to someone of authority at the school but there’s not much she can do.  Josh finds out that Mrs. Dawson told this person of authority about the incident and decides to show up at Mrs. Dawson’s house while Mr. Dawson was gone – although I doubt he could have really done anything.  Josh’s unexpected visit to Mrs. Dawson’s house was pretty intense as he sexually assaulted her.  He didn’t get all the way, but everything that happened was certainly against her will.

Of course this doesn’t go unreported, but the entire situation between Mrs. Dawson and Josh turns into a he said-she said situation and Mrs. Dawson ends up getting accused of assault on Josh!  Ridiculous I know.  It’s just a bad situation for Mrs. Dawson as there’s evidence to support that she encouraged the relationship with Josh – inviting him to the pizza party, being seen eating with him, making out with him in seven minutes of heaven at the Friday night party… okay one of those is made up.  While Mrs. Dawson is on leave, she does some detective work and looks up the student Jenna and sees she missed school for more than a month on medical leave.  Mrs. Dawson goes and talks to Jenna and says she knows Jenna missed school because Josh raped her and would like Jenna to testify to back her up.  Jenna doesn’t want to do this though as I believe Josh’s family is paying her to keep quiet.  Also, while Mrs. Dawson does her detective work, she gets on the internet and Riddles (that’s what they call Google in the movie) some other student teacher relationship and they highlight some real life student/teacher relationships on her computer screen, such as Letourneau mentioned above.  Mrs. Dawson also decides to get pregnant during all of this as well.  It’s talked about a lot in the movie, but really doesn’t have much relevance on this review.

After some deliberation with her lawyer, Mrs. Dawson ends up pleading guilty to some lesser charge of molestation or something along those lines.  Jenna sees this and knows it isn’t true and feels bad for not testifying sooner (as she should) and then volunteers to take Josh down because he’s an animal!  Jenna goes over to Josh’s house and his parents answer the door and she throws some papers in their face and is all like, “I don’t want your money!”  After that, the sun shines down on Jenna and she feels great about herself and she’s in chem class with a pregnant Mrs. Dawson teaching and it’s a happy ending.

Intense Moments with Keith

Intense Moment #1

This came after the swimming pool meeting.  When they were in the halls and Josh made his move on Mrs. Dawson, I thought, “Come on Mrs. Dawson, you know you want this… come on!”  But she didn’t take the bait and instead did what the self respectable good teacher would do and pushed Josh off and then slapped him.

Intense Moment #2

When Josh showed up to Mrs. Dawson’s house and started to assault her, I didn’t know how far he’d get and I was hoping Mr. Dawson showed up and there’d be a fight, but instead Josh just ran away knowing he was in big trouble so he instead cried to mommy and daddy.

Awesome Screenshots I Just Googled

Corey Sevier Denied

This is the face of a high school kid getting denied over the phone by his chemistry teacher.

Corey Sevier getting his teacher assault on

This is the face of a high school student assaulting his chemistry teacher.

Other Possible Titles

  • “Post Saved by the Bell: Jessie Spano”
  • “Hot for Chemistry Teacher”
  • “What Every High School Boy Would Do if Elizabeth Berkley Were His Chemistry Teacher”
  • “Mrs. Dawson’s Bunsen Burner”

Closing Thoughts

I’m a huge “Saved by the Bell” fan so whenever an alum from that show stars in anything or makes a cameo, I’m probably going to love it, unless it’s called Franklin & Bash, so I’m a little biased.  I thought Elizabeth Berkley did a good enough job as Mrs. Dawson and the hot chem teacher, she even brought back a little bit of the Jessie Spano acting we all know and love.