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Next Stop Murder Review

by | Jun 20, 2011 | Reviews, The 2010s | 0 comments

next-stop-murder-posterWML Guess Synopsis

A woman on the bus gets off on a street named Murder and nothing exciting happens after that.

Actual DirecTV Synopsis

While taking a bus, a woman tries to get a fellow passenger to join her in a murder plot.

Level of Attention While Watching: Devoted Husband

Devoted Husband: Was giving the movie 100% of my attention With Wife, but Thinking of Mistress: Watching the movie, but not giving it my full attention Cheating Bastard: I wasn’t paying much attention to the movie at all

Brigid Brannagh

Brigid Brannagh


Brigid Brannagh is the main character in Molly.  She’s dating Jeff who has a daughter so Molly is kind of the bad mom since daughters from other moms never get along with their new moms in the movies.  I haven’t seen Brigid Brannagh in anything else, although she has an extensive IMDB page.  Probably justified to be a B-lister, but she’s not remember-able enough in any of her other roles for me to make that clarification.  She was in an episode of “24” though, so that’s cool.

Brian Krause

Brian Krause


The last character worth mentioning is Jeff, who is Molly’s boyfriend, played by my boy Brian Krause.  He was also in “Ties That Bind“, but isn’t quite the same pimp in this movie as he was in that movie, but to his credit, his role is smaller and his character isn’t as bad ass.  In my book, Krause is a A-Lister when it comes to Lifetime movies, but that’d show too much personal bias to put him there so he’ll remain a C-Lister for now.

Allison Lange

Allison Lange


Allison Lange plays Sophie who is a spoiled girl who is getting punished by her dad and being forced to ride the bus.  Lange does a great job as the bad girl.  After looking at Lange’s IMDB page, I don’t really recognize anything else she’s been in but she was in “Single White Female 2: The Psycho” which is probably about as good as the sequel to “American Psycho 2” and that’s not a compliment, but that being said, I probably wouldn’t mind seeing it.

Lin Shaye

Lin Shaye


The detective in the movie is played by Lin Shaye who you SHOULD remember as the Landlady in “Kingpin” which I think is one of the most underrated movies of all time.   Shaye’s IMDB page is very lengthy so she could probably be considered a B-Lister but I think Honorable Mention is more special.

The Movie (with spoilers)

“Next Stop Murder” is just a solid title to go along with a solid movie.  The title explains the movie perfectly as you’d most likely associate “Next Stop” with a bus and then “Murder” with well… killing.  Combine them and you have a bus and a murder (or two), which just makes for a great Lifetime movie for me.  I think this was actually part of the “I’ll kill yours if you kill mine” Lifetime movie marathon that was on one day, but I lost all my notes to this movie so I’m going off the top of my head – if I truly cared, I’d probably re-watch the movie, so many Lifetime movies, so little time…

This one centers around two women – Molly (Brannagh) and then Sophie (Lange) who meet each other while riding the city bus.  Molly takes the bus to classes while Sophie takes the bus because her car was taken away from her because her dad didn’t like her.  From the moment Molly and Sophie meet they have very open and deep conversations, which I guess is normal on a city bus in Los Angeles where everybody is nice (sarcasm).

Molly and her boyfriend Jeff (Krause) are having to deal with Krause’s ex-wife and his daughter’s baby mama in court.  That is a bit messy as the daughter doesn’t really like Molly and Jeff’s ex-wife is trying to turn the daughter against both of them.  Molly explains her dislike of the ex-wife to Sophie on the bus and then Sophie talks about how she can’t stand her dad because he’s a very controlling person who took away her car and all that goodness.  Sophie then proposes a plan to kill each other’s annoyances.  Molly doesn’t totally shoot it down, but certainly doesn’t go through with it.

As the bus rides continue, the plan comes up a few times to where Molly is pretty freaked out by it and starts trying to avoid Sophie.  While this is going on, Molly never tells Jeff about Sophie and weird stuff is happening to her and Jeff and they think the ex-wife is doing it.  By weird stuff, I mean, lighting Jeff’s truck on fire, sounds like something an ex-wife would do.

Eventually Sophie takes matters into her own hands and kills Jeff’s ex-wife.  Molly has an idea of who did it and she’s happy the ex-wife is gone but never agreed to kill Sophie’s dad.  Sophie sets Molly up to where she’s kind of a suspect so that Sophie can use that as leverage against Molly in case she doesn’t go through with killing her dad.  When Sophie and Molly meet again, Sophie tells Molly she’d better go through with her end of the bargain.

Since Molly really doesn’t feel like killing Sophie’s dad, she goes to Sophie’s house when Sophie is gone and tells her dad the entire plan.  The dad doesn’t believe her and busts out his shotgun, but then Sophie arrives and the dad helps Molly get out of there before Sophie sees her.  It gets to a point where Molly has to kill Sophie’s dad since things are getting messy with Sophie threatening to do bad stuff.

Sophie gives Molly the security code to her dad’s house and a blue print of the place and by “blue print” I mean a hand sketched drawing of some rooms on a napkin.  As Molly heads over there to kill the dad, she enters his room and is about to kill him (or at least that’s what they want us to think) and then some darned kids outside make some noise so he awakes, but Molly is able to hide so she’s note seen.  What Molly doesn’t know is that Sophie’s dad has Navy Seal like abilities and knows Molly is in the house and then comes out and gets her.  There’s a struggle and Molly is able to kill him, but she doesn’t and instead they talk as Molly doesn’t want to really kill him.  She explains Sophie’s issues and then there’s a big twist in the story that I didn’t even see coming.  The dad grabs a photo of Sophie and there’s a man in it… that man is… JEFF!  The same Jeff who is with Molly!  I guess they had a past and ever since Jeff broke up with Sophie she changed and wasn’t happy anymore and just caused trouble.  What I wonder is why Jeff would ever leave Sophie to be with Molly.  There’s a big difference there.  Molly looks like a typical mom while Sophie is a hot young babe.

Needless to say, Molly doesn’t end up killing Sophie’s dad, but that would have been kind of cool had she, they all start talking to each other and get to know each other and then bam, she takes care of him.  This makes Sophie mad and Sophie kid naps Jeff’s daughter.  Luckily Jeff got her a GPS watch so Jeff and Molly are able to track her.

As for Sophie, I forget if she lives or dies, hold on a second while I fire the movie back up and see what happens…

*********FAST FORWARDING TO END*********

Oh that’s right!  There’s a big scene on the bus where Sophie’s dad is there, Molly is there talking to Sophie, and then Jeff gets there and then Sophie gets cornered and runs off the bus and gets hit by an oncoming bus!  I’m not making that part up either, it was a pretty solid death for Sophie.


Next Stop Murder Doppleganger

It’s a stretch, but at times Sophie looked like January Jones and was arguably less crazy than the real life January Jones.

Other Possible Titles

  • The Wheels on the Murder Bus Go Round and Round
  • I’ll Kill Your Boyfriend’s Ex-wife If You Kill My Dad
  • So… Will You Kill My Dad…?

Closing Thoughts

I usually love the over the top awesomely titled Lifetime movies and “Next Stop Murder” fit that bill so I loved it.  Brian Krause is also the man, so I’m usually pro-anything that he’s in.