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My Stepson, My Lover Review

by | May 16, 2011 | Reviews, The 1990s | 3 comments

My Stepson, My Lover PosterWML Guess Synopsis

After a woman marries a man, she soon falls in love with the younger more attractive version of that man, his son, her stepson.

Actual DirecTV Synopsis

A nurse marries a domineering man, then has an affair with his equally controlling son.


Level of Attention While Watching: Devoted Husband

Devoted Husband: Was giving the movie 100% of my attention

With Wife, but Thinking of Mistress: Watching the movie, but not giving it my full attention

Cheating Bastard: I wasn’t paying much attention to the movie at all

Terry O'Quinn

Terry O'Quinn

Richard Cory

I think everyone recognizes Terry O’Quinn from the ABC show “Lost,” even if you’ve never seen the show before.  O’Quinn plays the rich man Richard Cory who gets his life saved by nurse Caitlin who he later asks to marry him.

Rachel Ward

Rachel Ward


Rachel Ward is the star of the movie.  She plays Caitlin who marries Richard but then becomes attracted to the younger son of Richard, Eric Cory.  Ward does a good job, she’s certainly attractive enough for a younger man.

Joshua Morrow

Joshua Morrow

Eric Cory

The stepson in the movie, Eric Cory, is played by Joshua Morrow.  It looks like “My Stepson, My Lover” was Morrow’s first role and then after that the rest of his work was basically done on “The Young and The Restless,” certainly nothing wrong with that.  Morrow was pretty good as the stepson as he was the young fit do it yourself type of guy that all step moms would go after.

The Movie (with spoilers)

I remember the first time I read the title “My Stepson, My Lover.”  I chuckled a bit and then just let it digest on what a great title that is.  Titles don’t get much better than that in my opinion.  I immediately read it as, “My Stepson is also my lover,” but I suppose you could read it as “My Stepson or My Lover” as in, I have to choose between my stepson or I have to choose between my lover referring to two separate people.  If you check out the movie poster above, you’ll see it reads “Love Murder and Deceit” and I guess that was the original title, but I guess it wasn’t funny enough.  Still a solid title that I think should be used for another movie at least.  Needless to say this is probably the most anticipated movie in my young LMN movie watching career.

The movie opens up with a scene and music that could almost come from a MacGyver episode as there’s immediate action with someone dying and being rushed to the hospital.  That person dying is Richard Cory (O’Quinn) and one of the nurses involved in saving him is Caitlin (Ward) and no, she doesn’t have any mental handicaps just because her name is spelled that way.  After Richard wakes up, he gets Caitlin a nice present for saving his life and forces her to accept it as she’s a little uneasy doing so.  He puts the full court press on when it comes to asking her out and won’t take, “No,” for an answer.  Although Caitlin probably thinks Richard is older and not very good looking, she knows he’s rich and she’s set so she figures she might as well see him.

Richard and Caitlin get married within the first 15 minutes of the movie, which usually spells trouble.  At the wedding, Caitlin meets a former fiance of Richard’s who kind of warns Caitlin of Richard, but Caitlin just ignores it and figures the former fiance is a bit jealous she wasn’t able to seal the deal.  Who invites former fiances to weddings anyway?  He must have meant it when he told her, “Let’s just be friends.”

Eric on a House

The Stepson

Caitlin wants to escape all the people at the wedding so she goes into some barn on the property where a dude is riding around on a horse.  This dude is also sweating all over his hot tight young body – that’s how the movie portrays it, it’s not what I think, he could have brought his chest out a bit more and he was clearly avoiding the squat rack as he had no legs to speak of.  As this dude gets off the horse, Caitlin is quite giddy and speechless when she meets him and he gives her the, “I know who you are…” line when she introduces herself.  Then comes the newly married man Richard and does the, “I’ve seen you met my son,” line to Caitlin.  You can easily see the, “Oh snaps, I was just sexually fantasizing about my stepson,” face Caitlin makes after Richard lets her know who Eric (Morrow) is.  I find it a little hard to believe that Caitlin didn’t meet Eric before the wedding, but then I guess “The Son of the Guy I was Going to Marry, My Lover” just isn’t as good a title.

There’s a slight sexual tension between Eric and Caitlin, but nothing Richard would be suspicious of.  Soon after the wedding, Richard has to go off on a trip for business and Caitlin can’t come with so that leaves Caitlin and Eric to get to know each other.  They go out one night and have a few drinks at a bar and both get pretty wasted so it makes you think some fooling around will follow, but surprisingly it doesn’t.

Eric at his house

Put a shirt on dude

One of the things that makes Eric such a bad ass is the fact that he’s building his own house so this really turns Caitlin on.  She goes and visits him at the job site and there’s the typical guy with his shirt off cutting wood scene or something along those lines.  He shows her the property and they go for a swim, probably have a few drinks in the process.  As Eric is unnecessarily helping his step mom up the stairs, there’s a moment when their mouths almost touch, but not quite.  Right then and there Eric knows his cover has been blown and he’s hot for him mom, he just wishes something else was blown instead – I’m talking about the leaves sicko!

Caitlin knows she was close to crossing a line so she tries to play it cool for a bit but Eric is determined to score with his mom and shows up to her work to meet her and surprise her for lunch but she doesn’t accept and that pisses Eric off a bit and he mentions how his dad had a vasectomy.   Caitlin didn’t know this so she starts digging around some papers and then sees that Richard had Caitlin investigated before marriage.

Steam scene in My Stepson, My Lover

Note the steam during their first love making session.

Richard gets back into town which then means him and Caitlin get in a fight and she confronts him on the investigation and the vasectomy but he responses weren’t good enough and she goes off over to Eric’s house to get it on with her son.  Luckily for the two of them, it was a steamy night on the lake which just added to the effect of the scene.

As soon as Eric is done getting grounded by Caitlin, she leaves and heads home to find Richard waiting for her with some important fax telling him where she was.  Richard then jets out of there and goes to Eric’s under-construction house to confront his son.  When Caitlin later arrives, she finds her husband dead at the bottom of the house on the rocks by the water.

After Richard’s death, a lot of the movie turns into a trial to prove that Eric is innocent and Richard had a gun and was coming after Eric to kill him.  The motive for Eric to kill his father is the fact that he didn’t like Richard and just wanted the money.  The fax sent was also a big topic during the trial, but no one knows who really sent it.  The gun Richard supposedly took to the property is also a big deal during the trial, but the police can’t find it.  Caitlin goes to the property and finds the gun herself and then she must testify and eventually Eric is found not guilty of killing his father.

After the trial, Caitlin and Eric get to be together but some details come out pointing to Eric’s guilt.  Before that though, there’s a little honey moon period where Caitlin and Eric get to fool around with each other.  As for the signs that point to Eric’s guilt, Caitlin finds out that Eric was the one who sent the mysterious fax to Richard and that Eric also had a key to Richard’s gun cabinet which was a big deal during the trial but I never mentioned it because I didn’t feel like it.

Caitlin goes back to Eric’s house one afternoon and snoops around for evidence about Richard’s murder.  There are a few flash backs of the movie when Eric was teaching Caitlin how to fasten a bolt on the railing of the house (the same railing that Richard fell from to his death).  Eric shows up and knows Caitlin has figured a few things out and then gives Caitlin the “I did this so we could be together” line.  There’s then a struggle and just like his dad Richard, Eric falls on to the rocks below by the water.  However, unlike his dad, Eric survives and is instead paralyzed from the neck down.  Caitlin then takes care of Eric and their brand new baby son who she is then dating when he turns 16.  Just kidding about the whole dating her son she had with Eric part, they never had a kid together.

Intense Moments with Keith

Scene for scene, the entire movie was an intense moment in my book.


Eric Cory's Doppleganger

I think Eric Cory has a little bit of Rider Strong in him. You probably can’t even tell who is who from the picture. Rider Strong is most famous (to me) for Boy Meets World, but had I known his name was Rider Strong, I’d think he’d be most famous for Boys Meet Diana 7.

Other Possible Titles

  • Incest?
  • Well That Was Awkward…
  • How Was I Mom?
  • Please Don’t Tell My Real Mom About This
  • Am I Going to Have a Baby Brother/Son?

Closing Thoughts

For the most part this movie lived up to the hype of its name.  I could have done with about 10-15 minutes less of the whole trial thing.  This movie had it all though – lies, deceit, love, murder, house building, divorce, and horse riding – can you really ask for more?