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Last Exit Review

by | Apr 18, 2011 | Reviews, The 2000s | 1 comment

Last Exit PosterWML Guess Synopsis

A mom has to convince her prima dona daughter to pee on the side of the road since the last exit was the only rest stop for 150 miles.

Actual DirecTV Guide Synopsis

Road rage leads two Canadian mothers on an extended car chase.
Level of Attention While Watching: Devoted Husband

Devoted Husband: Was giving the movie 100% of my attention

With Wife, but Thinking of Mistress: Watching the movie, but not giving it my full attention

Cheating Bastard: I wasn’t paying much attention to the movie at all

Kathleen Robertson

Kathleen Robertson

Beth Welland

Although Kathleen Robertson has been in a lot of stuff according to her IMDB page, the only thing I recognize her from is “Scary Movie 2” but I remember her role well.  Looks like she’s had a steady career from the late 80s that is still currently going.  In “Last Exit”, Robertson does a great job of playing the just barely getting by mom with a handicap son.

Andrea Roth

Andrea Roth

Diana Burke

I don’t remember Roth in anything else, but like Robertson, she too has a long list of work on her IMDB page.  I’d say she’s a poor man’s version of Heather Locklear in “Last Exit” – does a great job though.

The Movie (with spoilers)

After reading the DirecTV synopsis, this one had me at “two Canadian mothers.”  I’m pretty sure the synopsis writer just had to fill a word count with that one since there’s no hint that either mother was Candadian.  I didn’t hear any aboots throughout the entire movie and got the impression the movie was filmed in Los Angeles.

The movie opens up with a tense phone call after a woman has clearly been in a car wreck and is calling for help.  The movie then flashes backward and shows you two seperate stories of two totally different mothers Diana (Roth) and Beth (Robertson), that you know will somehow tie together.  I’m always a fan of mutliple plots going on at the same time and then later tying together movies.

Beth lives in a small apartment right next to a major freeway trying her best to raise a handicap son who is very excited because it’s his birthday and he’s going to go out to eat at his favorite place when his mom is off work.  The other mother, Diana, lives in a big house and has a nice position at some type of big corporate firm.

Diana and Beth first cross paths on their morning drive to work as Diana is frantically trying to get into an exit and cuts Beth off which then makes Beth miss her exit which then makes her late to work where she isn’t there to sign for an important legal document delivery for her boss which later leads to her termination.  Don’t think Beth didn’t get a good look at Diana’s car though as she did and put it into her memory bank for later revenge if the chance would arise.

As Beth’s day goes downhill, Diana’s is almost the opposite as she has a high probability of landing a big promotion.  One hiccup in Diana’s day is having to go to school and talk with her son and principal as to why he brought a glock to school with ammo and everything, but she’ll be thanking little Bobby (no idea if that’s Diana’s son’s real name or not) a bit later in the movie.

Cut to the end of the day when Beth gets in a small car wreck with Timmy (again, not sure if this is Beth’s son’s real name) which leads to him getting stiches and losing him to his father which puts extra sh** on top of Beth’s already sh** filled day and you can feel the top about to come off.  On Diana’s end, she’s in a rush to get to the airport to do a presentation for a client (which she missed earlier dealing with some spoiled movie star) but she happens to go down the same road in Los Angeles as Beth whose car had just broke down!  Diana, being in a hurry, starts giving Beth some attitude so Beth snaps back a bit.  Beth then notices it’s the same car that cut her off this morning (remember, that was stored in her memory bank from earlier) and  luckily her son left behind his brand new telescope that Beth really couldn’t afford but bought it for him anyway and used it to smash up Diana’s car.

Diana is finally able to shake Beth’s telescope bashing and drives off, but Beth’s car magically starts and this is where the 45 second “extended car chase” (as described in the DirecTV synopsis) begins.  After Beth ends up causing Diana’s car to flip upside down and traps Diana in it, Beth calls for help and goes to help Diana out, but does Diana want Beth’s help?  Apparently not since she then grabbed her son’s gat, still in her car from earlier, and shot Beth!

Intense Moments with Keith

Intense Moment #1

There is a moment of tension when Diana returns home later in the day and her daughter, who was staying home that day for not feeling well, was acting slightly suspicious.  To me, the moment of tension was waiting on what Diana was going to find in the house.  Personally I thought it was going to be her husband with another woman when he was supposed to be at a job interview, but instead he just came home from golfing with some big wig looking to potentially hire him, so my excitement was quickly shot down.

Intense Moment #2

After Beth and Diana got into a car wreck, Diana’s car was on its back and Beth was calling for help.  Beth clearly felt bad that she caused this.  She goes over to Beth’s car and starts knocking on the window.  This wasn’t making complete sense to me since the movie showed Beth unconscious earlier so I was wondering how she was knocked out – did a car explode or what?  Then BAM! Diana gets the gun and SHOOTS Beth.  I must admit, I did not see that one coming.

After Diana cuts Beth off and makes her exit, Diana goes into work with nothing but good news as it looks great for her getting a big promotion.  Diana’s day isn’t all perfect though as she has to pick up her son from his prep school and talk with the principal as her son brought a glock to school (the dad collects guns and the kid took it with him) and it was all just “a misunderstanding.”

After more and more bad things happen to Beth making her day even more terrible than her beatup Honda, it’s finally time to have a meal with her birthday boy son and his dad.

Other Acceptable Titles

  • “Road Rage”
  • “Two Women and a Telescope”
  • “A Reason Not to Move to Los Angeles”

Closing Thoughts

I really enjoyed “Last Exit”.  It didn’t try to be anything it wasn’t.  The performances out of Andrea Roth and Kathleen Robertson were both great.  When it first ended, I was kind of against Andrea Roth and her decision to shoot Kathleen Robertson, but then after I digested it a bit more, I can understand her train of thought as I’d probably consider shooting someone trying to get into my car as well if they bashed my car in with a telescope and caused me to flip my car over.


  • Cgchex87

    I thought that Diana’s daughter was trying to tell her mom that she’d started her period, but the mom was too busy to pay attention and help her. In the first scene we see her she walking funny and later she tells her mom she won’t talk to her dad about it.