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Committed Review

by | Apr 18, 2011 | Lifetime Premiere, Reviews, The 2010s | 3 comments

WML Guess Synopsis

Things turn ugly for a young man after his girlfriend finds out he’s not committed to her.

Actual DirecTV Synopsis

Celeste discovers her superior at a psychiatric facility has committed her.

Level of Attention While Watching: Devoted Husband

Devoted Husband: Was giving the movie 100% of my attention

With Wife, but Thinking of Mistress: Watching the movie, but not giving it my full attention

Cheating Bastard: I wasn’t paying much attention to the movie at all

Andrea Roth

Andrea Roth

Celeste Dupont

“Committed” is all Andrea Roth.  Her face, her name, and her scent is all over it.  I think Lifetimers know who she is and I know “Rescue Me” fans do.

Richard Burgi

Richard Burgi

Desmond Moore

If you’ve seen the remake of Friday the 13th, then you’ve seen Richard Burgi before as he played the sheriff in a very very minor role.  I’ll give Burgi the C-Lister classification because I’ve seen him in a lot of stuff from “24” to “Nip/Tuck” and he has a solid IMDB page.  He also has a solid Just for Men Hair Gel type look, he could be great in one of those commercials or he has the good look and authority to be a CEO of a financial company or something.

The Movie (with spoilers)

Lifetime started running promos for “Committed” at least a month in advance.  I originally thought this was going to show on Lifetime but instead it was on Lifetime Movie Network, which is a bummer since DirecTV is only rocking standard definition which is the equivalent to living your life on the safe side which is something I don’t do, especially since I was born with the middle name of Danger.  All that being said, “Committed” is your typical go to a mental institution and have the people there think you’re crazy when you don’t think you’re crazy movie, plenty of them out there, “Shutter Island” with that Hollywood hunk Leo being the example that jumps out at me.

The story to “Committed” builds up slowly on why Doctor Celeste Dupont (Roth) is at this institution but you find out she was engaged but her fiance died somehow.  Right now I know you’re asking, “Is her name really Celeste Keith?”  The answer to that question is, “Yes.”  Listen people, I don’t make up the names, not my fault it sounds like an STD of some sort plays the main character of this movie.  I can see it now, you have a one night stand with someone, then feel an itch and you go to the doc to get checked out, “Uhhh sorry, but you have celeste.”  Oh wow, look at this, a quick Google search of “Celeste” and it brings up a Wikipedia article to a pornographic actress named Celeste, looks like she’s retired.

After Celeste arrives at the instution and signs the papers, of what she thinks is a contract, but really it’s papers to admit herself there, she goes around and meets some of the patients/guests and they’re you’re typical group of weirdos.  One guy has a doll with him at all times, then there’s an old lady who likes poetry, and then there’s a perverted young dude who guess the type of panties Celeste is wearing.

When Celeste is going to bed for the first night, she finds out she’s considered a patient/guest and not a doctor so she takes this up with the head doctor, Dr. Quilley, and he says she’s a guest and she can’t leave and she’s been… wait for it……… COMMITTED!  Yeah, that’s right, they use the title of the movie in the movie itself, always gotta love that.

She realizes she can’t get out of the institution.  Since the institution is out in the middle of no where, she’s unable to make phone calls or even access the internet.  There’s one land line, but it’s in Dr. Quilley’s office.  Celeste comes to face the fact that she’s there until she can cope with her fiance’s death.  This introduces another doctor named Desmond (Burgi) who’ll be watching over Celeste, but at the same time Celeste gets treatment, she’s also giving treatment to some of the patients.

As mentioned above, Desmond is one of those commanding type men that you’d think would drive a lady wild.  He paints the picture to Celeste that he’s on her side and wants to help her get out as long as she progresses with the therapy they do together.  Little did he know that Celeste would start to wonder about the institution and find out secrets from some of the other patients.

Since all institutions have basements which always have important documents just lying around on shelves and they’re readily accessible to patients, Celeste goes down there and digs around to find out that the Dr. Quilley she’s met isn’t the real Dr. Quilley as the real Dr. Quilley’s stuff was in the basement.  She brings this up to Desmond but he shoots that idea down.  Evidence starts being planted on Celeste to make her appear crazy.  She was taking a bath one evening and then all her shirts got slashes in them and a knife was put there.  Desmond and Dr. Quilley try to convince Celeste that she killed her fiance and was found guilty of murdering him and was brought to the institution by police officers instead of driving there herself.  Celeste buys into this and starts living the life of a patient and accepts it.

One day when Celeste and Desmond are out in the barn stacking hay or feeding a cow or whatever it is you do in a barn at a mental institution, Celeste is wanders off and finds her nice Mercedes parked and stacked under some hay, then she realizes she’s been lied to!

Celeste calls this out to Desmond or Dr. Quilley, can’t quite remember so when she leaves, they’re pissed off that their plan isn’t working, which is to get her into thinking she’s crazy I guess.  They plan to get rid of her until Desmond has plans of his own and that’s to strangle Dr. Quilley with a nun-chucks which happens to be in a drawer in his office.  Not making that up.  Celeste then packs her bags and is ready to get the eff out of there and finds Dr. Quilley dead in his office.  Desmond then catches Celeste and convinces her to eat dinner with the rest of the doctors.  That’s when she finds out they’re not real doctors, they’re patients who are acting as doctors.

Luckily Celeste was downstairs in the basement before hand and turned off the electric barrier fence around the institution so she’s able to make a run for it after she finds out all the doctors at the dinner are phony!  Unfortunately for Celeste she has to fight off the red haired security guy who slows her down and after she fights him off and climbs the fence, the electric wire gets turned back on and knocks her out.

Now she’s face to face with Desmond after she wakes up.  She then starts a fight with Desmond and his nun-chucks and she’s about to die when a patient named Evan comes to her rescue.  I probably should have told you about Evan sooner, but he’s just like a Frankenstein like patient who’s locked behind a big prison door and you never see his face until the very end.

Celeste is able to use the phone to contact police and then they come out and clean up all the mess and Celeste decides she’s going to stay at the institution and help Evan out, which is just a terrible idea unless this leads to a “Committed” sequel.

Intense Moments with Keith

Intense Moment #1

When Celeste was digging around in the basement one night, the pervy patient was just hanging out down there with a flashlight and a gun.  He cornered her and it looked as if he was going to sexually abuse Celeste, but lucky for her he had a rat shooting obsession and liked to brag about how he was the best rat shooter in the place.  So being the wise doctor Celeste is, she did the “Oh, is that a rat!?” trick and he turned and she ran and got away.

Intense Moment #2

When Celeste was trying to escape and had the electronic fence turned off, she was slowly climbing the gate, but at the same time, I knew they were going to turn the wire on so I was rooting for her to climb faster and get over the gate so she could make a clean get away, but lucky for us viewers she didn’t and we were able to see Evan save the day and see another appearance by the nun-chucks.

Other Possible Titles

  • “Shutter Island 2: Less Budget”
  • “How’d My Fiance Die?”
  • “Committed: What You Shouldn’t Be to This Movie”

Closing Thoughts

I’m a little mixed on “Committed”.  I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t just love it.  I started to lose interest towards the end, although I still gave my attention level a “Devoted Husband” rating, I was close to thinking about a mistress.  Andrea Roth gave a solid performance and showed she can carry a LMN movie and I did like this more than “Shutter Island” and I’m not joking about that.  The nun-chucks at the end really helped save it for me with some great comic relief.

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  • mamie broyles

    i think lifetime need to play more danell steels moves

  • mamie broyles

    i think lifetime need to play more danell steel moves

  • Abee

    Very disappointing. Predictable and stupid plot.