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Another Man’s Wife Review

by | Aug 7, 2011 | Reviews, The 2010s | 6 comments

Another Man's WifeWML Guess Synopsis

There’s a man and then there’s another man, only this other man has a wife.

Actual DirecTV Synopsis

A family vacations in a remote cabin after a tragedy to start rebuilding their lives.


Level of Attention While Watching: Devoted Husband

Devoted Husband: Was giving the movie 100% of my attention

With Wife, but Thinking of Mistress: Watching the movie, but not giving it my full attention

Cheating Bastard: I wasn’t paying much attention to the movie at all

The Movie Play by Play

Rena Sofer in Another Man's Wife

Rena Sofer

0:01 Ahhh snaps, hit person by a car, movie is starting out with a bang!

0:01 Another’s Man’s Wife

0:02 The main girl, Hadley (Rena Softer),  in this looks really familiar, what else has she been in?  Time to IMDb her.  Awww, she was in 24 as Marilyn Bauer, which is the sister in law of Jack Bauer.  That means I get to add a tag of “24 character” to this post!

Dylan Neal in Another Man's Wife

Dylan Neal

0:03 Dylan Neal, named Brian in the movie, is sweeping his wife off her feet with a new necklace in the morning, telling you, Dylan Neal is the man! Not quite as The Man as Max Martini though.

0:05 The movie started off with a narrator talking about routine, now that narrator is back, and ahhh snaps again, the car hitting a pedestrian and… ahhh it was a bad dream.  Maybe it happened in the past?  We’ll have to find out, can’t wait!

0:06 Looks like there’s a family vacation going on and the mention of “accident” happened so I assume the killing of the pedestrian was a real thing.

0:06 Rena Sofer looks a lot like Bethenny Frankel – only hotter (I think) – I’d certainly rather do her over Frankel, well unless I got half of Frankel’s money, then I guess I could make an exception.

Hadley doppleganger

As TMZ would ask… Who’d You Rather?

0:08 Mysterious bearded man coming to say, “Hello,” – I already don’t trust him.  Dylan Neal cracks a good joke – introducing his daughter as “Satan” because she’s a little devil!

Damon Runyan in Another Man's Wife

Damon Runyan

0:09 Bearded man, who is named Al (Damon Runyan), is going to help them get the lock open.  He leaves and Dylan Neal brings up the fact that Al might come back with a knife, I’m glad he’s at least thinking it.

0:10 Morning run time.  I love in the movies how they always stretch before hand and have their white iPod headphones in.  Hadley runs by Al’s place and Al is out of the shower and has the windows open and then drops his towel on purpose to show Hadley.  He smiles and so does she – not sure if that’s means he’s hung or not packing much – either way it’ll lead to a good LMN movie along the way.

0:16 Style Network is advertising the series premiere of Big Rich Texas or some housewives like knockoff show.  Since this play-by-play is written after its premiere I can tell you how that show is… terrible.  My wife watched it and says it sucks, I’ll take her opinion for it.

0:17 Al catches Hadley running again and gives a great line of “Hey, you know they put peeping toms in jail!” Awesome line out of Al.  Al then apologizes for having the curtains open.  Talk about a great ice breaker though, he’s really letting her know how hot she is.  Too bad I just don’t believe Al as much of a ladies man, lose the beard Al!  Hadley runs off slightly embarrassed.  She gave him a “I can’t wait to get in your pants later on in this movie good bye” wave.

0:19 Nice family camp fire – I could have sworn there was a son in the movie.

0:20 Here comes Al to the camp fire, telling them there’s a fire ban in effect.  Party pooper he is.  He just wants to interrupt and spit game.  He then douses out the fire and invites them over for dinner tomorrow.  Al is annoying, jeesh, get out of their family vacation Al!  While he’s there and Brian walks off, Al spits some more game to Hadley telling her how hot she is.

0:22 Oh snaps, cuts to a scene with Al alone in his house and the owner of the house is there too, only he’s dead and in a freezer!  Told you earlier I was suspicious of him, but nooo, you wouldn’t listen and thought he was good, all because you dug his beard.

Tommie-Amber Pirie in Another Man's Wife

Tommie-Amber Pirie

0:23 Next scene is an intense SCREAM!  Hadley goes running out of the house.  This can only mean one thing right?  Skylar (Tommie-Amber Pirie), the daughter, is dead!!!  WRONG! Al is helping Skylar fish and it required her to scream really loud.  Skylar runs off and Al uses this time to spit more game to Hadley.  I’d better be careful about these Al types when I grow older with my wife.

0:25 LMN advertises “Tainted Love” weekend, I really gotta start watching more “live” LMN instead of all this DVR stuff.

0:31 The phone rings again in Al’s house.  It’s the owner’s son calling, as he did earlier when they showed Al and the dead owner.  This is where Al should unplug the phone in case someone calls when Brian and his family come over for dinner.  Instead he doesn’t, this really puts Al in a bad spot, he can easily be figured out, I’d think he’s smarter than that.  Anyway, the owner’s son leaves a message that he’s coming to the cabin to visit, surely he’ll be getting murdered instead.

0:31 Al invites them over for dinner and when they arrive, Al kisses Hadley on the cheek, they barely know each other, how is this family not getting bad vibes from him?

0:32 Al and Brian talking in the kitchen about the necklace Brian got Hadley.  Nothing but an uncomfortable situation.  Al is just a punk, I hope Brian beats his ass later in this movie.  Oh jeesh, Al “accidentally” spills beer on Brian.  Brian isn’t digging Al at all.  If this were me, I’d just pack up and leave the next day, but that wouldn’t make much of a movie now would it?

0:35 The home owner’s son shows up to the house (which was quick from the message he left) and asked, “Who are you?” Al replies, “I’m Al!”  I bet the son is thinking, “Oh okay, that explains everything.”  Al tells the son he’s renting the place from his dad and his dad is hunting.  Al then tells the son the dad left something in the freezer for the son.  The son takes the bait and now he’s going to die!!!

0:35 The son opens up the freezer and sees his dad and with very little emotion goes, “What the hell…” then smack comes a flash light to his head from Al.  Al then walks away w/o taking care of the body.  The son could easily wake up or the Warner family could see him on the way out.

0:36 What’s this Al is doing?  He takes the Warner’s family cell phones from their coats in the closet.  I don’t find this believable as at least one person from the family would carry it in their pocket, especially Skylar who is currently trying on a firefighter’s outfit for whatever reason… great scene in the movie.

Firefighter Outfit

Put a beard on Skylar and you’d think that’s Al in the firefighter jacket.

0:39 The Warner family leaves dinner and Al goes and checks on the son who conveniently wakes up from being knocked the f*** out from Al.

0:39 As Hadley and Brian are heading to bed, Hadley asks Brian why he smells of alcohol – Al is doing whatever he can to get Brian out of the picture and Hadley into his pants.

0:47 While Hadley is out during her morning run, Al is also doing shirtless martial arts type stuff in the forest.  Of course they run into each other.  Al spits some more game after Hadley declares herself a boring old house wife, Al replies, “I don’t see anything boring about you.”  I think the reason I hate Al so much is because these are the exact same lines I would use if I were single and hitting on a MILF, only instead of me getting LMN fame for them, it’s Al, yeah, pretty sure that’s why I hate him.  Al brings on the full court press with this encounter, he’s not holding back with any of his lines and Hadley is just taking it.  Al is the king of the c***block, as he then tells Hadley that Brian is hiding something from her, what an evil man this Al is.

0:48 Hadley takes Al’s bait and then gets home and tells Brian to talk.  Really?  After 18 years of marriage to Brian, she’s going to believe a dude she’s known for less than a week and think Brian is hiding something all because Al said so?

0:51 Brian and Hadley talk about their separation and Dylan Neal, excuse me, Brian opens up about his past and apparently another lover.  If Al could see this conversation he’d just be smiling like the devil knowing he started all of this just by practically guessing Brian was hiding something.  I hope this deep scene leads to some steamy make up sex afterwards.

0:53 Oh wow, Brian just told Hadley that the woman he was seeing was the woman Hadley hit with her car!  This is awesome.  The vacation that was supposed to help bond the family closer together has been a complete nightmare, should have just stayed home, that’s my motto anyway, that’s why I’m a 20 year old writing reviews of Lifetime movies.

0:55 Hadley and Al are out walking in the forest after the Brian/Hadley fight and then Hadley is finally realizing Al is just sticking his nose into their business and then Al pulls Hadley closer and kisses her and while she kind of resists, she doesn’t.  Brian of course happened to come out and see all of this and then just hides hoping to not be seen.  Al just has a smirk on his face afterwards – “Yeah, who’s the man?”  Al asks himself.  Okay, didn’t really ask himself, but probably in his head.

0:57 After macking on Hadley, Al finds Skylar down by the lake and starts to get his mack on with her.  Al is clearly just doing this to check off “Hook up with a mom and daughter within an hour time span” off his bucket list, he can’t really be attracted to her.

1:06 Brian gives Al a jab to the stomach and orders the family to leave.  Brian could have knocked him out if he wanted but he held back.

1:07 Al decides to start a bunch of fires.  In one instance, he puts gasoline in his mouth, lights a match, then spits on the match as he throws it on the ground.  I think pouring gasoline on the ground and then dropping a match on the gasoline would have been a better tasting solution.

1:10 Meanwhile…the fires are burning and Brian and Hadley are in their wood cabin having a heart felt talk.  They must not know the fires are going on yet.

1:12 Look at Al coming over to try and help the Warner family out.  Explaining the fire to them and how it’ll be hard for them to get out and the fire will capture them.  Al is good.  He’s very panicked and confident in what he says.  He talks the Warner family into following him so he can later kill them.  Either that or use them as sex slaves, one of the other, I could see Al doing both actually.

1:13 Ahhh snaps, Al knocks Brian the eff out with something and then Hadley and Skylar run from him while Al makes some type of chipmunk like noise.

1:14 Al delivers the line of the movie as Hadley locks herself in an upstairs bedroom and asks Al not to hurt her family and then he says, “I don’t wanna hurt nobody, I wanna kill them!”

1:15 Oh wow, what a twist.  Hadley discovers the woman she hit with the car (the same one who Brian was momentarily seeing) was the wife of Al.  Talk about edge of your seat excitement!

1:16 Porcelain to the dome of Al!  Hadley bangs him in the back of the head with the top of the toilet container.

1:20 A commercial for  I always wanted to sign up for one of those dating sites but then felt embarrassed to do so.  What if someone saw me?  I guess that’d make them just as much of a winner as me though right?  I wonder if my wife would approve of me signing up for one now?  Probably not, but dang, it’d make for a great real life Lifetime movie.

1:25 The daughter really looks a lot like Johnny Galecki.

Skylar doppleganger

1:25 As the fires burn, Al chimes in on the emergency radio basically taunting them how the fire will kill them and he’s the expert (being a firefighter and all) so he knows what to do.  He gives them an ultimatum – go back to him for help or try to get out on their own – either way, they’d probably die if Lifetime weren’t filming them with cameras.

1:29 Brian and Hadley enter the house and Brian conveniently finds a baseball bat-like stick out on the front porch.  Al continues to play games with them as he puts radio speakers around the house and talks through them.  Al then surprises Brian, Brian hits Al and Al just throws him to the ground like a 12-year-old.  I expected more out of you Dylan Neal, you’re better than that.

1:30 OH NO!  Someone has been shot, time to go to slow motion for the next minute!  OH NO, now Al has gotten Skylar!

1:36 Hadley leaves the basement she was in and finds Brian tied to a table and Skylar hanging from her hands on the ceiling.  Al keeps referring to some acronym called – SWOT – Strength Weakness Opportunity and Threat.  It’s pretty cheesy.

1:38 Flashback time.  It’s Al and his dead wife, Emma, talking.  Emma busts out the news that she’s prego but it’s Brian’s and not Al’s.  Emma then walks into the street and Hadley hits Emma with her Chevy, Al jumps on Emma and Hadley passes out right away so that must be why she didn’t recognize Al.

1:40 Awww yeah, the homeowner’s son, who apparently isn’t dead, is now waking up.  I smell someone saving the day… or… maybe not as he just gets in his truck and drives off.  But wait, there’s more!  This distracts Al enough to where they can wrestle around with him.

1:42 A sighting of the son in the truck again.  He’s about to pass out but is able to make a phone call for help to the one and only black person in the movie, who happens to be Hadley’s secretary.

1:50 Al continues to pour gas on stuff.  He must have spent a fortune on gasoline alone before this camping trip of his.

1:52 Hadley just spent about 10 minutes trying to wake Brian up from his ass beating by giving him oxygen.  Skylar, who is currently hiding in the garage under the Jeep, yells for her mom to run.  Hadley then sees a knife and can cut Brian free, maybe you should have done that from the start Stupidly Hadley.

1:53 Hadley busts out some good reverse psychology on Al.  Uses his real name, Matthew, and tells him she knows how he feels by being cheated on.  Al/Matthew begins to soften up a bit.  I can see it, he’s falling for it.  He should at least fall for it to try and seal the deal with Hadley, whether it costs him his life or not, I don’t think he cares.

1:55 STABBED!  Al is going down after Hadley stabs him.

1:56 Brian awakens and gets in on the “Bash on Al/Matthew Party” while he tells Al/Matthew that Emma killed herself because of Al/Matthew.

1:57 Star Wars like special effects help blow up Al/Matthew.

Special effects in Another Man's Wife

I didn’t know George Lucas was involved in the making of this movie.

1:58 The narrator is back, so touching, I missed her.

Closing Thoughts

I’m partial to most all of Dylan Neal’s Lifetime movies and this one doesn’t let down.  It has everything you could want from a Lifetime movie – murder, hot mom, cheating, another man, great title, and comes full circle involving another woman.  There is also added special effects at the end that just put it right up there with Star Wars.

  • Joel

    Awesome review that afforded me a true interpretation of the film. BRAVO!

  • Kate

    Brilliant!!! Made me laugh reading it as I’m watching it! Al just knocking the son out in the garage and leaving him there was by far the oddest bit…

  • Rose

    That’s hilarious. Almost better than the actual movie. Actually, I was more entertained by your recap and missed a lot of the movie reading it. Thanks!

  • Gary Hall

    Spot on, especially how the women in these movies always seem to “almost resist”. So funny.

  • Cassie

    That was the best review on this movie ever I started reasons when skylar was trying on the fire fighters outfit I read as I watch hilarious!

  • Tia

    He poured gasoline on the wood not in his mouth.