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Well That Was Fast – Jodi Arias Gets Her Own Lifetime Movie

by | May 16, 2013 | Real Life(time) | 2 comments

The recently convicted killer, Jodi Arias, gets her own Lifetime movie just a few months after being convicted of killing her former boyfriend.  Normally Lifetime gives a bit more time for these things to settle down before making a movie, such as Amanda Knox and Casey Anthony, but they wanted to strike while the iron is still hot (that’s a saying, right?).

I honestly didn’t pay much attention to this case, maybe it’s because I wasn’t as interested or maybe it’s because I got more busy at work, surely I wouldn’t read about this stuff on my time.  This case drew a lot of attention because it involved sex and a moderately attractive female, oh and a murder.  TMZ even did a pole of Who’d You Rather? between Knox, Anthony, and Arias with Knox running away with the vote (she got my vote).

This might be one of those films that focuses on the trial with a lot of flashbacks or it may just be the entire story – meeting boyfriend, killing boyfriend, going to court.  I could scour the inter-webs to read more about this case, but I think I’ll just wait for the movie to sum everything up for me.

This movie premieres on Lifetime on Saturday June 22 at 8 p.m. EST, don’t miss it!


  • seastar192

    At least for now, it’s a movie. Lately, LMN (Movie network) is starting to trash away to programs now. Just like they all do. I swear if TCM starts pumping out the reality-like shows it will quit watching completely.

  • seastar192