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The Player’s Wife

by | Apr 23, 2011 | Real Life(time) | 0 comments

Fresh off the press, Brandon Marshall, one of the premiere wide receivers (the guys who catch the ball) in the NFL (National Football League) was stabbed in the abdominal by none other than his wife!  Fortunately it looks like he’s going to make a full recovery, but the wife has been arrested.

Just a bizarre story but I’m not overly surprised something like this happened.  I don’t want to jump to conclusions, but pro athletes get A LOT of attention from women (called groupies) and some of the athletes, whether they’re married or not, like that attention and take advantage of that attention and start relationships with those women.  I’m not saying this is what Marshall did, but I am saying players do it and sooner or later it’d lead to an incident like this.

All that being said, Lifetime could easily make a movie out of this.  Let’s say a star quarterback gets caught by his wife and she can no longer take it so she kills him!  It should star Ivan Sergei who can play Tom Brady.  To add another twist to the plot, the wife can also be a popular super model, just like the real Tom Brady’s wife.  However, in this flick, after Tom is stabbed, he doesn’t live so the team he plays for is left with a gaping hole behind center (the position of the guy who snaps the ball to the quarterback).  How about a Duff plays Tom’s wife – Hillary or Haylie – I’m fine with either one.

Possible Titles

  • The Player’s Wife
  • His Other Wife
  • Behind Her Back
  • Groupies
  • On the Road

Story SourcePro Football Talk