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Teen Moms

This Real (Life)time movie idea is influenced by this article.

I think it’s time that Lifetime tackles the issue of teen pregnancy by making a mockery out of the mockery that is MTV’s “Teen Mom” and “16 and Pregnant” series.  I won’t lie, my wife and I enjoy watching this show when it’s on.  We don’t enjoy seeing teen mothers having a hard time raising their children, especially when there’s often never a father figure involved and things can get ugly.

What Lifetime should do is shed the light on how hard it is to raise a child and do a movie that shows a teenager who wants to get pregnant to get on a TV show where she thinks she’ll be set for life.  The immature teenage dad can then run out on the mom leaving her to raise the baby all alone and it’ll show the hardship of teen pregnancy and it’s no joke.

I’d love it if Kristen Stewart could be cast in this movie as she looks a lot like Jenelle Evans, although she’s too high in her career right now, so instead Lifetime could get Hayden Panettiere again to play the role of the young prego woman, then get some decent looking young guy to be the teenage dad, how about Nico Tortorella?

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