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Amanda Knox is Cleared

by | Oct 3, 2011 | Real Life(time) | 1 comment

Today, Amanda Knox had her 2007 murder conviction of Meredith Kercher overturned.  Knox’s boyfriend, Raffael Sollecito, was also cleared of his murder charge, but no one cares about him as much as he is less attractive and doesn’t have boobs.

Amanda Knox crying

Amanda Knox, seen crying after hearing she’s been cleared of murder because she now fears Heyden Panettiere will play her in a sequel and use the same haircut Panettiere used in Scream 4. (Photo by Pier Paolo Cito, AP)

Although there has already been a Lifetime movie (Amanda Knox: Murder On Trial in Italy) starring America’s sweetheart, Hayden Panettiere, about America’s other sweetheart, Amanda Knox, I think Lifetime could easily pull off another one.  I think they could take the same route they took with Natalee Holloway and just call it Justice for Amanda.  If Lifetime doesn’t want to play that way, then I think they should just make a sequel and add a few fictional jail scenes with Amanda, they could call that one Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy in Jail.

If they don’t like either of those routes, they could just focus on the first verdict, then focus on the family fighting to get Amanda back and then focus on the retrial, a simple Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy 2 would be a suitable title.  The reason Lifetime can pull off another Knox movie before they even think about doing a Casey Anthony movie is because Knox is hated about 1/100th as much as Casey Anthony is, so not many, if any, people would boycott Lifetime.

Amanda Knox boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito

Raffaele Sollecito needs to master his wizardry skills

Meanwhile, Knox’s former boyfriend is in for a big pay day as he’ll be able to attend children’s birthday parties and claim to be an old grown up version of Harry Potter. Maybe him and Knox are still dating or they’ll re-ignite the flame now that they’re both out of jail.

Personally, I’m not surprised by Knox getting cleared as the evidence was shaky, but so was her story.  She may not have killed Meredith Kercher but I’m confident she was somehow involved.  Either way, I’m confident this isn’t the last we’ll be hearing about Amanda Knox.

  • LifetimeLewZr

    Or they could go the Matrix route and call is “Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial RELOADED”.
    That dude totally does look like Harry Potter or something. Maybe they can make a spin-off about him and tie it in to the Potter series: Escape From Hogwartz.
    That would be crazy.