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A Salute to Heather Locklear

by | Oct 1, 2011 | Real Life(time) | 0 comments

Last weekend on September 25th an A-Lister Lifetime all-star, Heather Locklear, turned 50 years old.  That’s right, the blonde b**ch all of us love turned the big five-zero.  Hard to believe, as she still looks great, evidenced in her last Lifetime movie He Loves Me.

Heather Locklear in He Loves Me

Heather Locklear in her latest Lifetime movie “He Loves Me”

Locklear has given us other Lifetime doozies, such as Flirting with Forty, Angels Fall, and Women of a Certain Age just to name a few.

Besides Lifetime, Locklear has had a stellar career, whether she plays the b**ch (Melrose Place) or plays the loveable mom looking for a good man (The Perfect Man).

Heather Locklear

Heather Locklear at her peak

Although I haven’t made an official list, I’d have to say Heather Locklear will be team captain of my “Over 50 Lifetime MILFs” team.

So happy belated birthday to Heather Locklear and to help finish off my salute I think I’ll let Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar help me out.