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Made Up WML Reader E-mail Questions Vol 2

by | Jun 26, 2011 | Miss Ellaneous | 0 comments

Of course I didn’t get any REAL reader e-mail questions again so instead I’ll make some up, just as good.

Question: Since the site was discussed on the 5/26 ESPN Fantasy Focus 06010 podcast, would you classify yourself as “The Official Lifetime Movie Site of The 06010 Podcast?”

-Craig in Peoria, IL

Keith: Personally I would yes, however I can’t go around advertising such a thing without the seal of approval from Nate Ravitz and Matthew Berry.

Question: Have you lost steam since the launch of

-Sherry in Orlando, FL

Keith: Thanks for the concern Sherry.  It’s not that I lost steam, it’s just hard to watch movies, take pictures, and write reviews for every movie.  I try to put a lot of quality work into each movie review and I just don’t always have enough time.  If this could be my full time job, then I’d be hammering out posts like Max Martini hammers out new ladies in the movies.  I actually have multiple movie reviews started, I just need to freshen up on the details, take pictures, get them edited and posted, don’t always have the time 🙁

Question: Did you know I have your back in case a competing Lifetime movie site has beef with you?

-Suzie in Delaware

Keith: I was completely unaware of that Suzie, but it’s good to know.  Things could someday get ugly between me and MotherMayISleepWithLifetime.

Question: How come you don’t watch any of the Lifetime series such as “The Protector” or “Army Wives”?

-Gene in Colorado

Keith: Two reasons, I don’t have the time and I don’t care to watch either one.

Question: What are some WML ideas you’re most excited for moving forward into the future?

-Karen in Omaha, Nebraska

Keith: Lots of ideas have been thrown around, such as fake movie trailers to help promote the site, a WML store, and a WML fantasy league.  Okay, out of the three of those, I’ve never thought of having a WML online store, but gosh, fake movie trailers would be awesome along with a WML fantasy league of some sort.

Question: What can us readers do to help get the word out of the great WML site?

-Marsha in Louisana

Keith: Thanks for the concern Marsha.  The readers can tell friends about the site and they can Like me on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and even click that +1 thing for Google on the bottom of my pages.