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Ideally my e-mail inbox would get flooded with questions and comments from real non-fake readers, but since all the readers of the site don’t e-mail me, I decided to just make up some questions on what they might ask or comments they might make.

Question: That’s pretty mean of you to compare the red haired cheerleader in Fab Five to the scary looking Chucky doll.

-Pamela in Chicago, IL

Keith: Oh come on now, you’re thinking it and I’m just saying it.

Question: So you’re a guy and not only watch Lifetime movies, but made a website out of it… are you gay?

-Larry in Olympia, WA

Keith: No.

Question: What’s your favorite LMN title?

Keith: “My Stepson, My Lover” but I’ve never actually seen the movie!  It’s been killing me!  Not really, but I’d like to catch it.

Question: You seem pretty high on Elizabeth Berkley from your “Student Seduction” review, did you have a big crush on her during “Saved by the Bell”?  And admit it, you wouldn’t have put any moves on her if she was your chem teacher.

-Sarah in Tempe, AZ

Keith: Yikes, not at all.  She was certainly the most unattractive member of “The Gang” – unless you count Torrie, but I’m not counting her.  No idea how Zack ever dated Torrie.  Kelly was of course hot, but she was so overrated it turned me off from her so I started to like Lisa, I’ve always had a thing for black women too, would have liked Lisa to put on a few more LBs if you know what I mean.

If Elizabeth Berkley were my chem teacher, I’d probably feel her out a little bit, try to determine my chances.  If she went for lines like, “Can I see your beakers in the back room?” or “Can you measure the volume in my crotch?” then I’d know I have a shot and would probably pursue something during the teacher swim hours.

Question: Since you’ve dedicated an entire website to mainly Lifetime movies, do you consider yourself a LMN expert?

-Linda in Canada

Keith: Not at all, but I’m trying to get there.  I’ve seen a lot more movies than I’ve officially reviewed, but they’ve all kind of blended together.  When I review them, they stick out a bit more to me, but since titles are so similar and so are story lines, it’s hard to tell the difference between them sometimes.

Question: Did you know you’re smoking hot!?

-Jodie S. in Los Angeles, CA

Keith: Jodie S as in Jodie Sweetin…?  Really, you couldn’t have told me that when I was about 12?  Anyway, your feelings are well documented in tweets here and here.

Question: What’s your ideal LMN movie?

-Cammy in Iowa City, IA

Keith: It’s tough for me to go wrong with any movie that involves and affair and preferably murder.  Sometimes there are the affair movies, but murder doesn’t always occur, those ones don’t suck, but if there’s murder, then a lot of times there’s revenge and the cheese factor just goes up.  I always appreciate it when there’s a familiar face in the movie too, not necessarily someone who’s well known, but someone who you’ve seen in stuff before, whether it just be a small role on a TV show or a side part in a movie.

Question: I’m loving the site, where do you think it’s going in the future?

Some 35 year old hottie in Vegas

Keith: Great question there Some 35 year old hottie in Vegas.  I plan to keep writing reviews on a weekly basis and then hopefully throwing in a few more columns as well, such as Made Up Movies or just random subjects involving LMN movies.  I also hope to get actual questions from actual readers so I don’t have to make up the questions and the answers as I just did in this entire post.

Made Up WML Reader E-mail Questions Vol 1

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