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Folgers: The Best Part of Waking Up… is Having Your Little Sister Creepishly Hit on You

by | Dec 22, 2012 | Miss Ellaneous | 4 comments

The other day I tweeted about a Lifetime movie actor, Matthew Alan, appearing in a Folgers coffee commercial.  Matthew Alan was in the Lifetime movie Walking the Halls where he played a security guard who pimped out high school females (I think).  I thought this was a new commercial as I either hadn’t seen it before or just chose to forget it, but turns out this commercial has quite the following.  After looking at the #Folgers hashtag on Twitter, it seems like this commercial grosses just about everyone out.

Here’s the commercial I’m referring to if you haven’t seen it:

Let’s break it down.  Before Matthew Alan even arrives at the front door, his younger sister is awake waiting for him to get home as she’s looking out the window.  It wouldn’t be surprising that Matthew Alan is arriving home in a taxi if he was planning on surprising everyone, but later in the commercial, his sister says, “I waited up all night for you.”  That means that she knew he was coming home and the parents didn’t offer to pick him up from the airport or bus station.  I guess the sister could be in on the surprise and she’s just not old enough to drive yet and they were planning on surprising their mom and dad.  Let’s go with that one as it’s less creepy than the sister just hoping he’s arriving home that day and she wasn’t going to sleep until he did.

Back to the commercial, as he’s at the front door, the camera clearly shows “VOLUNTEER” on his backpack.  That hints to us that he was off in another country doing volunteer work out of the goodness of his heart.  

After his sister answers the door, he jokes with her as if he has the wrong house, cute I guess… if your sister is like eight and not 15.  His sister then gets giddy and says, “Sister!” and then they hug it out.  I wish she could have clarified how long he was away.  If he left when she was four and he hadn’t seen her for eleven years, then I’d understand him saying, “I must have the wrong house.”

After bro and sis hug it out, that’s when they enter the kitchen and the bombshell of news that lil sis waited up all night for him is tossed Matthew Alan’s way.  He then let’s the viewers know he was in South West Africa.  So now the viewers know, “Oh, he’s a volunteer that was in South West Africa, what a great human being.”  Then we get our first glimpse of Folgers.

Matthew Alan smells some Folgers

Matthew Alan gets a great sniff of Folgers which about to be in his cup.

After Matthew Alan smells the Folgers coffee, he then takes a shot at coffee in South West Africa by saying, “Awww, real coffee.”  Is the coffee in South West Africa fake?  I bet there’s some damn good coffee down there, hopefully he doesn’t go back after this visit or else there may be some tension.

As the coffee gets poured, his parents smell it and know he’s home and they start to get up, as they decided to not get up earlier and pick their son up from the airport.

This is when it gets real creepy.  As the younger sister sits on the counter in her pajamas, probably not wearing a bra, Matthew Alan tells her he brought her a present, nothing bad so far.  But then the sister takes the bow off the present and puts it on her older brother and smiles.

Matthew Alan then gets weirded out and asks, “What’re you doing?”  The sister then says to him, “You’re my present this year.”  They then share a moment and the viewers all change the channel and decide to start buying only Starbucks or Maxwell House going forward before they even see the parents come downstairs to hug their son who was away in South West Africa volunteering for who knows how long.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the Twitter reaction when looking at the #Folgers hashtag.



 To be fair, not everyone just sees the incest that most people see, let’s look at some other tweets, which we can assume they’re referring to the same commercial.


 Okay, so that last tweet is from me just being sarcastic, but the other one from @philquinn1 seems somewhat sincere. All other tweets seem to just be creeped out by the commercial though.

Glad to see Matthew Alan has gone on to some other good acting work after this commercial though, beyond Walking the Halls, he was in Red Tails, and most noteably, another commercial, this one for Dodge Charger, that features him and ironically, his younger sister, only this time, it’s her friend who wants him and I’m totally cool and not at all creeped out.

  • Zoron Stillwater

    I remember that commercial and it never creeped me out or seemed weird in any way. The only people that seen it as a Incest thing are the ones doing incest. Having family come home is a great thing not a sick twisted thing, my sister moved to the east cost right after high school and I was so glad to see her when she would come visit because she was my family and I missed her. You perverts that think this commercial is about incest are the ones involved in INCEST!!!

    • boweryboy


    • Abderian Agelast

      The thing is, I can see both angles. I see how they meant for it to be sweet, but the atmosphere made the line seem more like how one would talk to a lover than a sibling. Also, it’s kind of rude to immediately assume that anyone that assumes something does or is that thing. For example, if you were to assume that I liked videogames due to my picture, does that mean you like videogames? Not necessarily. Following that logic, does assuming that a commercial has incestual tones mean that the assumer has incestual aspects? Again, not necessarily. In fact, it’s probably even more likely they don’t.

  • JDcutie