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Cotton: The Fabric of Fake Amanda Knox’s Life

by | Apr 30, 2013 | Miss Ellaneous | 0 comments

While doing something manly around the house the other day, I heard some rather annoying song in the background coming from the TV and then I look over to assume it had to be a Ke$ha song, but instead I see an attractive blonde who doesn’t look like John Travolta and ask myself – Is that Hayden Panettiere?  I then silently answer myself with – Yep, pretty sure it is.

Looks like Lifetime All-Star, Hayden Panettiere, best known for playing Amanda Knox in the Lifetime original movie Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy – okay, she’s probably not best known for that role when she had those great Neutrogena commercials, but it’s at least a close second – anyway, looks like she’s the new face of cotton.

Check out the full commercial for yourself below, but first I have to assume a few things with this commercial.

  1. That’s really Hayden Panettiere singing in the commercial. I know she’s in that Nashville show, I’ve never seen it, but I’m assuming she’s a very talented actress that also has some singing ability.
  2. The people in at the outdoor party towards the end aren’t her real friends and they’re instead actors.
  3. Cotton is what Amanda Knox wore during the murder of her roommate.

A couple crazy things about Hayden Panettiere… she’s only 23 and she’s only 5′ 1″.  Crazy when those kid actors grow up a bit and you think they’re older but they got started at such a young age.  As YouTube commenter backup368 puts it:

At least she hasn’t turned out like Amanda Bynes.

Indeed backup368, indeed.