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Made Up Lifetime Movies… Involving Peyton Manning

by | Sep 10, 2012 | Made Up Movies | 0 comments

With Peyton Manning’s return to the National Football League, how better than to come out of my column hibernation than to write about Lifetime movies focused on Peyton Manning?  Next up, I’ll probably have to make up Tim Tebow movies just because so many people Google his name on a daily basis. 

Let’s get the made up movies started.

1. Two Mannings Don’t Make a Right

Peyton Manning is the #1 pick by the Indianapolis Colts and finds instant fame and success.  Fast forward a few years later and his baby brother, Eli, is drafted in the first round.  While both have NFL fame, neither have a woman they can call a wife.

While at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii, Peyton and Eli fall in love with the same hula dancer but she says she’ll only marry the first one to win a Super Bowl.  The next season both Peyton and Eli make the Super Bowl, but which Manning will get to wed the hula dancer from Hawaii?

2. Manning at 17 (Title influenced by Dead at 17)

A young stud football player is 17 years old but has never had a girlfriend because he always focused so much on football so everyone thinks he’s gay and no girls ask him out because of it.

Manning realizes his greatness at school and finally asks out a girl, Laura, and of course she says yes because he’s the star quarterback.  Manning ends up getting her pregnant and has to make the decision of his life – Does he stay with Laura and take care of the baby or leave town and take his full ride scholarship to University of Tennessee?

3. Cooper’s Revenge

Ever wonder what you’d do if your younger sibling became one of the greatest to ever live?  Would you be happy for his success?  Would you secretly be jealous?

Cooper Manning is unable to live with Peyton’s collegiate and professional success and vows to get revenge on his brother.  Cooper hires cheap prostitutes to say they’ve hooked up with Peyton while he was on the road so it looks like good-guy Peyton is a womanizer and his wife and kids separate from him. 

What Cooper doesn’t intend to happen is to come down with testicular cancer, only Cooper can’t afford treatment since he spent all his money on prostitutes to make his baby brother look bad.  After Peyton offers to pay for Cooper’s treatment, how long until one of the prostitutes talks and Peyton finds out it was Cooper who set him up?

4. My Manning, My Lover (Title influenced by My Stepson, My Lover)

Peyton’s father, Archie, divorces after his wife thinks he has pushed all his sons too hard.  Since Archie is a former NFL football player, he has no problems getting another woman, only his new wife, Matilda, is in love with the wrong Manning.

Not only does Peyton’s new mom have a thing for him, but he also has a thing for her.  It’s not a matter of if, but when Archie finds out.  How long can this go on before Archie finds out and what will happen between him, Peyton, and Matilda? 

5. The Perfect Manning (Title influenced by The Perfect Husband)

After Peyton Manning suffers critical neck injuries forcing him to miss an entire season his career may be over.  When doctors go to repair his neck, they give Peyton a choice of some military experimental procedures that will fix all of Peyton’s flaws.

Not wanting his career to be over, Peyton chooses to have the military experimental procedures done and comes back for the next season.  Only this time, Peyton’s improved.  His arm has the ability to throw the entire length of the field with pinpoint accuracy and he’s faster than Michael Vick.

How long can Peyton live the lie of being a machine?