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Made Up Lifetime Movies from… the Title “My Stepson, My Lover”

by | Jun 19, 2011 | Made Up Movies | 0 comments

If you read my “My Stepson, My Lover” review, then you know it’s my favorite Lifetime movie title.  In this post of Made Up Lifetime Movies, I take that title and spin it off with some new story lines.

“My Wife, Your Girlfriend”

Made Up Synopsis: A husband finds out his wife is cheating on him with another man and seeks revenge.

This movie just makes too much sense and I’d be surprised if Lifetime doesn’t make it after reading my idea.  Okay, I wouldn’t be surprised as Lifetime executives probably don’t go to my site (even though they should).  Back to the movie idea… this one revolves around a younger married couple.  The husband will be played by Brendan Fehr from “And Baby Will Fall” while the man his wife is cheating on him with will be played by non other than my boy Max Martini.  This role won’t be a problem for Max Martini at all as he’s used to playing roles that have affairs in them.  Not sure who the wife will be played by, but open for suggestions.

Fehr finds out his wife is cheating on him and then turns into the private eye that so many Lifetime characters tend to do.  When he finally gathers enough proof of the affair he doesn’t tell his wife but instead approaches Martini and that’s when things get ugly.  He begins to threaten Martini, but Martini being the cool, calm, and collected bad ass he’s usually use to playing doesn’t flinch.

Fehr then decides he’s going to murder Martini but set it up so all the evidence points to his current wife for being the murder.  Since the wife won’t want the affair to get out, she’ll deny she had an affair with Martini and will say she doesn’t know him.  That’s when Fehr steps in and sends photos to the police and all that good stuff and then it gets pinned on her and she gets locked up and the husband gets the last laugh.

The title will have to get worked into the movie somehow as well.  When Fehr approaches Martini, he could say something like, “That’s my wife you’re sleeping with there, but it looks like you think she’s your girlfriend.”

“Your Daughter, My Affair”

Made Up Synopsis: A manager has a one night stand with an employee’s daughter, but does the daughter want it to end?

Let’s throw Dylan Neal in here who is a big shot at some law firm in downtown New York.  We’ll make him look like he’s mid-40s, a little bit of gray, but not too much, you know, the look where he has experience and energy?  One of the employees who Neal manages will bring his just-graduated-from-college-22-year-old-daughter (played by Ashley Benson) to an office party where alcohol is served.  We all know where this goes next.  Benson is flattered by Neal’s shiny watch and big title at the law firm, but nothing happens at the party.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t see each other at the super market Saturday morning.  Very likely to happen right?  Especially in New York.  Benson then flirts a bit when she sees Neal at the super market and Neal doesn’t hold back, just having a bit of fun, not thinking it’ll go anywhere.  “Maybe I’ll see you at the Christmas party” Neal jokes, but it only lights Benson’s flame.  Benson begins to then stalk Neal a bit, but not in a creepy way, just tries to pop up here or there.  No dirt happens until Neal goes out for a few drinks after work with some higher ups.  Benson then shows up to the bar and drugs his drink.  This then leads to a one nighter at a hotel.  Although Neal had fun, he doesn’t like it, he knows he did wrong, but Benson doesn’t know how to say, “No,” and since she gathered evidence of their hookup, she controls Neal.

Neal threatens to tell his wife of the one night stand to get it off his chest, but she won’t let him and threatens to say it was more than a one night stand.  Benson then tries to kill Neal’s wife.  That’s when Neal decides he has to put a stop to this and then there’s a struggle at the top of a high building and Benson falls to her death.    I guess it doesn’t have to be a tall building death, could be a struggle with a knife or even better, a samurai sword.

“My Stepdaughter, My Murderer”

Made Up Synopsis: Is a man’s new wife’s daughter also his killer?

This title reminds me of that Lindsay Lohan title – “I Know Who Killed Me” – I even think Lifetime played that movie once, maybe I’ll make time for it.  “My Stepdaughter, My Murderer” will be a lot like “American Beauty” in the sense that it has a narrator who kind of talks about their life story and their murder.

I’m not 100% decided on who’d play the dad in this movie, but he’d get married to a woman who has a step daughter.  Everything is fine and dandy until the stepdaughter finds out how loaded he is and he’s leaving all the money to the wife and stepdaughter, only the daughter can’t wait for the money so she sets it up have him killed but make it look like an accident.  Yeah, I don’t care if you’ve heard this movie before, this is a great title and it can just be like the others, people will still watch.

The daughter actually suceeds in her plots to murder her stepdad and she gets the money.  Only her mom really did love the stepdad so the daughter sees the pain she’s caused her mom and feels like total sh**.  I think Ashley Benson could play the daughter in this one too or another girl from “Fab Five: The Texas Cheerleader Scandal” would suit it too.

“Our Paperboy, My Enemy”

Made Up Synopsis: A husband finds out his paperboy is trying to deliver more than just papers to his wife.

The paperboys are always so nice in movies – “Oh thank you for the tip Mrs. Thompson,” you might hear one say, but sometimes being too nice could lead the paperboy on to other things.  Taking place in a southern California neighborhood, the paperboy, Ricky, has had the same route since he was 14.  However, now he’s 18, a.k.a. legal.  He’s saving money before he goes off to college.

On the other end, you have a lonely house wife, played by either Heather Locklear, Andrea Roth, or Kim Raver, who has a husband, played by Richard Burgi, that just works and works and doesn’t give her enough attention.  The husband knows this and is trying to get better at it, but he’s just at such a big part of his career it’s requiring him to work long hours.  One day, early in the summer season, little Ricky goes to collect from Lockear/Roth/Raver and she invites him in for lemonade.  Ricky isn’t dumb at this point.  He’s seen the adult films where the window cleaners or the plumbers make their moves and are successful in the act of making the moves.  Ricky then makes his move of “Mrs. Locklear/Roth/Raver, I need to use your rest room.”  Then he goes to use the rest room on the lower level only he intentionally messes it up so it looks as if it’s not working which then forces him to use the one in Locklear/Roth/Raver’s master bathroom, then wha la, it’s on Barry White style.

Locklear/Roth/Raver loves Ricky’s 18 year old body so much that the affairs become a regular until Mr. Locklear/Roth/Raver comes home to find them in his bed doing the R. Kelly.  Mr. Locklear/Roth/Raver doesn’t know what to do, so he doesn’t confront either and instead sets up security cameras to monitor Ricky.  He then watches the footage and sees the betray from his wife and paperboy.  All those tips through the years and this is what Mr. Locklear/Roth/Raver gets?  Eff that S he says and then he gets Ricky’s worst enemy from high school and pays him to “get rid of Ricky.”  In case you don’t know what “get rid of” means, it means “kill” Ricky.  Since Ricky’s worst enemy got kicked out of school because of Ricky, he has no issues getting back at Ricky, especially since Ricky once took over one of his routes.

Ricky doesn’t want to get caught since he’s getting a large sum of money from Mr. Locklear/Roth/Raver.  Ricky not only has an issue with getting with a married man’s wife, he also has drug issues so Ricky’s worst enemy sets him up with some bad cocaine.  Obviously Ricky wouldn’t take it from his own worst enemy, so Ricky’s worst enemy sets up the bad cocaine with the drug dealer by saying he’ll pay him a lot of money to do this, plus the dealer doesn’t like Ricky because he found out what he’s doing to Mrs. Locklear/Roth/Raver and has always wanted the same for himself.

Ricky ends up using the bad cocaine and dies in his basement, however, Ricky also gave the bad cocaine to Mrs. Locklear/Roth/Raver who started the habit after meeting Ricky so both of them die leaving Mr. Locklear/Roth/Raver single again while Ricky’s worst enemy gets his revenge, his money, and never gets caught.

“Her Secret, His Pleasure”

Made Up Synopsis: After being born with something most women don’t have, a woman keeps a secret from her fiance until their wedding night.

There are a couple different routes this movie could go.  It could go the transvestite route or it could go the “Total Recall” three-boobed woman route. I’m going to choose the latter route as that’s entirely less creepy and disturbing.  Now that I think about it, both are a little disturbing and the fact I’m making up a movie about either is a bit disturbing so maybe I’ll keep this one short.  I just think it’s a great title.

A woman is born with a third nipple so she’s always been self conscious about her body and has never gone past 1st base with a man.  She finally meets a great man and he respects her boundaries until their wedding night, but she’s still self conscious and doesn’t know how he’ll take it.  Luckily for her, he LOVES it and considers himself the luckiest man alive.

That sounds more like a funny movie trailer than an entire movie itself, either way, great title.

As a side note – in high school there was a rumor going around about one girl – not overly hot, but attractive – that she had one boob bigger than the other.  Significantly bigger though, to where she’d stuff the other side of her bra.  No idea if that rumor were true or not, she had multiple boyfriends, I never asked any of them if it were true though, maybe it’s time to reconnect with them through Facebook and get the facts.