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Movies on My DVR – October 2011

by | Oct 18, 2011 | Lifetime Lists | 8 comments

When I first started watching Lifetime movies, I didn’t have a DVR. I hated the fact that I was wasting 2 hours to watch a cheesy 1.5 hour movie when I already knew 1.5 hours was a waste of time so I finally decided to join the new tech revolution and get a DVR so I could record Lifetime movies and then watch them at my own convenience.  Welp, since I got my DVR and began recording movies, I’ve accumulated quite the list.  Currently at 162 total movies, this puts me at about 243 total hours (162 * 1.5/hr/movie) of commercial free Lifetime movies. Or even worse… 10 days (243/24 hr/day) of my life to waste.

  1. Mother, May I Sleep with Danger? – Yep, believe it or not, I haven’t seen this one yet.
  2. Born Bad
  3. Her Sister’s Keeper
  4. Girl Fight
  5. The Bling Ring
  6. Ann Rule’s Everything She Ever Wanted
  7. You Belong to Me – Change the “You” to an “I” and you have an amazing Lenny Kravitz song.
  8. A Friendship to Die For
  9. Like Dandelion Dust
  10. The Stepson – Great title, no relation to My Stepson, My Lover (not that I know of anyway).
  11. Lies My Mother Told Me
  12. Haunting Sarah
  13. Perfect Murder, Perfect Town
  14. And Baby Will Fall – I’ve seen the 1st half and the 2nd half, but not all at once.
  15. A Friend of the Family
  16. Wandering Eye – I watched this, not bad, been meaning to write a review for it, maybe in a few months when I forget everything.
  17. Lying to Be Perfect
  18. Picture Perfect
  19. Night of Terror
  20. Dead Lines
  21. A Date with Darkness: The Trial and Capture of Andrew Luster
  22. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World – Oops, I got a free weekend of Showtime or something and recorded this, who doesn’t love Michael Cera?
  23. Messengers 2: The Scarecrow
  24. Last Man Standing
  25. Obsessed
  26. The Perfect Teacher
  27. Cradle of Lies
  28. ‘Til Lies Do Us Part
  29. Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy – seen it, but never wrote a review for it, not sure I care to watch it again.
  30. Living in Fear
  31. Accused at 17
  32. Hush
  33. Don’t Cry Now – Watched it, never got around to writing a review and probably won’t get around to writing a review
  34. Lies and Deception
  35. Deadly Betrayal
  36. Hot Housewives 13: The Blonde Bunch – Cinemax had a free weekend, decided to record a softcore adult movie to see if they’ve changed since I was 12, nope, they haven’t. Let me know if you want a review.
  37. Gossip
  38. Held Hostage – Half way through, it has my girl Julie Benz, need to finish.
  39. Web of Lies
  40. Stranded
  41. Vanished
  42. Black Widower
  43. A Job to Kill For
  44. Crowned and Dangerous
  45. Dead Intentions… Again? – This has to be a sequel right?
  46. Second to Die
  47. Personal Indiscretions
  48. The Accidental Witness – Jeesh, must suck to be that witness.
  49. Speak
  50. Personal Effects
  51. After Jimmy
  52. Nothing but the Truth
  53. Prison of Secrets
  54. Whisper
  55. Unthinkable – Is this the movie about Samuel L. Jackson and he’s really dumb?
  56. Bond of Silence – Has Kim Raver, watched it, wrote half a review and welp, that’s where I’m currently at.  Based on a true story.
  57. The Interrogation of Michael Crowe – It’d be more exciting if it were Russell Crowe.
  58. Caught in the Act – Two actors… Lauren Holly and Max Martini… alllllll riiiiiiiiiight.  Think I have half a review done for this.
  59. Her Deadly Rival
  60. The Deadliest Lesson
  61. Hush Little Baby
  62. Imaginary Playmate
  63. Between Truth and Lies
  64. The Stranger Game
  65. Love, Lies, and Murder
  66. The Boy Next Door
  67. Panic Button
  68. Fatal Vows: The Alexandra O’Hara Story – John Stamos, need I say more?
  69. Akeelah and the Bee – They’re talking about a spelling bee.
  70. My Daughter’s Secret – If the daughter doesn’t have a penis, I’ll be very disappointed.
  71. Perfect Wife – Clearly based upon my wife.
  72. Stranger in My Bed
  73. Wall of Secrets
  74. Nora Roberts’ High Noon
  75. Listen to Your Heart
  76. No Brother of Mine
  77. Hidden Crimes
  78. Ring of Deceit
  79. Marry Me
  80. To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday
  81. Come Early Morning
  82. A Killer Among Friends
  83. Her Married Lover
  84. Devil’s Pond – Tara Reid and that Sunshine kid from Remember the Titans
  85. Deadly Encounter
  86. Trophy Wife
  87. Face of Evil
  88. The Coverup
  89. Engaged to Kill
  90. Deadly Vows
  91. Cheaters’ Club
  92. All the Good Ones Are Married
  93. Devil in the Flesh 2
  94. Dark Beauty
  95. My Baby is Missing
  96. Mother Knows Best
  97. Lying Eyes
  98. The People Next Door
  99. The Craigslist Killer – This is the movie that got me started with Lifetime movies, it’ll always hold a special place in my heart.
  100. The Bad Son
  101. The Party Never Stops
  102. The Pact
  103. North Country
  104. Shattered Hearts
  105. The Hand That Rocks the Cradle – Damn good movie.
  106. Glass House: The Good Mother
  107. Alone with a Stranger
  108. Murder on Pleasant Drive
  109. The Two Mr. Kessels
  110. When Strangers Appear
  111. Still Small Voices
  112. In Her Mother’s Footsteps
  113. The Return
  114. Disappearance
  115. Out of Control
  116. The Devil’s Teardrop
  117. Dead Silent
  118. Tell Me No Secrets
  119. Her Perfect Spouse
  120. More Sex & the Single Mom
  121. Before He Wakes
  122. Final Sale
  123. When He Didn’t Come Home
  124. A Family Under Siege
  125. Murder in My House
  126. A Woman Hunted
  127. Mini’s First Time
  128. Double Cross
  129. The Perfect Tenant
  130. Wicked Minds
  131. True Confessions of a Hollywood Starlet
  132. Sorority Wars
  133. Bastard Out of Carolina
  134. A Woman Scorned: The Betty Broderick Story
  135. Trial by Fire
  136. Gone in the Night
  137. Uncaged Heart
  138. A Trick of the Mind
  139. A Decent Proposal
  140. Fatal Desire
  141. Deadly Honeymoon
  142. Family Sins
  143. Best Friends
  144. Bad to the Bone
  145. A Face to Die For
  146. The Secret of Hidden Lake
  147. Evil Has a Face
  148. Falling for You
  149. Deadly Whispers
  150. Lies in Plain Sight
  151. Cries in the Dark
  152. Mom, Dad, and Her – Great, great title.
  153. A Teacher’s Crime
  154. Bringing Ashley Home – Has Patricia Richardson, who you might better know as Jill from Home Improvement.
  155. The Love of Her Life – This movie is probably about every woman who has ever come across me.
  156. The Familiar Stranger
  157. Another Woman’s Husband
  158. Disclosure
  159. Seduced and Betrayed
  160. He Loves Me
  161. Trust
  162. Selling Innocence

If there are any movies you know I should see before the other ones, leave a comment below and let me know or I guess you could just not leave a comment and say nothing as you normally do.

  • Jennypreece

    I’m sad that ‘Friends til the End’ is not on this list.

    • Keith

      Don’t hate the DVR for not recording, hate the network for not showing it.

  • LifetimeLewZr

    Akeelah and the Bee is fantastic! Can’t go wrong with Morpheus as an English prof.  Push that to the top of your queue. My children and I all enjoyed it.Great site, by the way.

    • The tough decision isn’t when to watch it, but whether I should take the blue or the red pill before watching it.

  • Penelopebruise

    I am so envious right now, I’m a huge lover of lifetime movies too.

    Keith, I didn’t know guys who like lifetime movies actually existed. You’re too good to be true lol.

    You know, If you decided to put any of these up on youtube I bet a lot of people would be very grateful(like me!)

    As for my suggestios, bastard out of carolina, gone in the night, and a friendship to die for are all good ones. I also enjoyed a face to die for. I watched it when I was a kid, but I didn’t get to see the whole thing. I spent years searching for it until I finally got to see it. 

    • I think all men like Lifetime movies, whether it’s to make fun of them (like me) or they genuinely like them and get caught up in the drama. It just takes a real man to admit it.

      With Thanksgiving coming up, I look forward to knocking a few of these movies off my DVR and posting reviews.

  • LifetimeLover

    Hey Keith – Did you record Untouchable? Our DVR didn’t record it correctly, and we are so bummed! I would pay good money for a copy to be mailed to me!!!! Please help!!!!!!