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LMN Lineup 5/9/2011

by | May 7, 2011 | Lifetime Lists | 0 comments

Here are some of the movies I’m looking forward to this week and definitely DVRing.  I’m sure I’ve listed some that I’ve listed in weeks past but who cares, watch it again.


Lies in Plain Sight -4 PM EST

A blind woman (Martha Higareda) uncovers dark secrets while investigating the suicide of her cousin.

WML’s Take -Who isn’t rooting for a blind woman uncovering dark secrets while investigating a suicide?

Justice for Natalee Holloway – 8 PM EST on Lifetime HD (Lifetime Premiere)

The mother (Tracy Pollan) of a missing teenager (Amy Gumenick) works with law enforcement officers to find justice for her daughter.

WML’s Take – Based on a true story, this is a movie about the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.  I’m not overly excited for this as it’s based on a true story and will probably just center around the trial.


The Accidental Witness – 6 AM EST

A murderer pursues an attorney, believing that the woman saw one of his crimes.

WML’s Take – Great title and great story line.  You have to love the movies where someone sees something they shouldn’t see and they’re on the run.

Personal Indiscretions – 8 AM EST

A romance novelist (Janine Turner) is the prime suspect in the murder of a widower (Nick Kiriazis) she met on the Internet.

WML’s Take – I’m always up for a good “person he/she met on the internet” type movie, especially if murder is involved.

Second to Die – 10 AM EST

A woman (Erika Eleniak) must murder again after plotting the death of her husband (John Wesley Shipp).

WML’s Take -A wife plotting the murder of her husband and having to murder again for whatever reason, sounds like “The Perfect Murder 2: The Wife’s Turn.”

Deadly Intentions… Again – Noon EST

Paroled after plotting to kill his first wife, a doctor (Harry Hamlin) comes home and plots against his second wife (Joanna Kerns).

WML’s Take – Is Lifetime trying to make us laugh with these titles?  This is a great sequel title, but I don’t think it’s a sequel.


Crowned and Dangerous – 2 PM EST

Suspects in a beauty queen’s murder include a former lover (George Eads), a rival contestant (Yasmine Bleeth) and a stage mother (Jill Clayburgh).

WML’s Take -Great title and I’ve seen those beauty queen moms, I can easily believe this would be based on a true story.

A Job to Kill For – 4 PM EST

An executive at an advertising agency lands in trouble when a beautiful woman helps him save a major account.

WML’s Take – This sounds like a major HR violation.

Black Widower – 6 PM EST

Authorities become suspicious about a man (David Lipper) whose wives have died under mysterious circumstances.

WML’s Take – I don’t think this is based on the professional pool player.

My Stepson, My Lover – 8 PM EST

A nurse (Rachel Ward) marries a domineering man (Terry O’Quinn), then has an affair with his equally controlling son (Joshua Morrow).

WML’s Take – I don’t think you understand my level of excitement for this movie.  This is my #1 favorite LMN title.  I recorded this movie a long time ago, but my DVR busted.  I might have to watch this movie as it airs I’m so pumped, I’m willing to sit through the commercials.


Vanished – Noon EST

A woman searches for her husband after he mysteriously disappears on a Caribbean island.

WML’s Take – Solid one word title and I’m always curious when it comes to disappearance movies, especially ones involving Caribbean islands.



Stranded – 10 AM EST

Female friends start to mysteriously disappear on a remote Caribbean island.

WML’s Take – What!?  Two one word title movies that involve Caribbean islands in the same week!?

Web of Lies – Noon EST

An Internet security designer (Majandra Delfino) encounters treachery after the murder of her boyfriend (Andrew Walker).

WML’s Take – I just want to watch this to see what the female internet security designer looks like.  She going to be hot?  Don’t spoil it for me.

Held Hostage – 6 PM EST

Three criminals kidnap a woman’s (Julie Benz) daughter and force her to rob her own bank.

WML’s Take – Only thing I need to see if Julie Benz and I’m game.  If you’re a “Dexter” fan, then you’re a Julie Benz fan.


Gossip – 8 AM EST

A single mother (Kelli Williams) fights temptation when she encounters an old married flame in her hometown.

WML’s Take – “an old married flame” – who uses that term?  I don’t know, so that’s why I’m watching.

Deadly Betrayal – Noon EST

A woman unknowingly puts her life in danger when she succumbs to the sinister charms of her daughter’s teacher.

WML’s Take – Involves a teacher and sinister charm, nothing more needs to be said.

Lies and Deception – 2 PM EST

A private investigator helps a woman uncover the secret life of her dead husband.

WML’s Take – I like movies that trace the steps of the dead.


WML’s Take – I can’t choose anything other than “The House Next Door” based on the title and the fact it has Mark-Paul Gosselaar.


Seduced and Betrayed – Noon EST

Revenge drives a widow (Susan Lucci) rejected by a carpenter (David Charvet) with a wife and young son.

WML’s Take – It’s one thing to be seduced, but to be betrayed?  Damn.

Don’t Cry Now – 6 PM EST

A woman (Leslie Hope) fears for her life after finding her husband’s former wife dead.

WML’s Take – And don’t cry later after your crazy husband is chasing you around the house with an ax!

Hush – 10 PM EST

A married man must deal with an obsessive former girlfriend after he moves back to his hometown.

WML’s Take – I’ll probably prefer this movie over the LL Cool J song.


Mother Knows Best – 10 AM EST

A woman (Joanna Kerns) finds a husband (Grant Show) for her daughter (Christine Elise), then decides he’s not good enough and must be killed.

WML’s Take -Just a creepy a$$ title which means it has to be a creepy a$$ movie.

Accused at 17 – 3 PM EST on Lifetime HD

A woman (Cynthia Gibb) must save her teenage daughter (Nicole Gale Anderson) when the girl’s best friend frames her for murder.

WML’s Take – Since LMN isn’t in HD on DirecTV (yet) I’m just jonesing for a decent sounding HD movie at this point in the week.

‘Til Death Do Us Part – 10 PM EST

A restaurant critic hires a private investigator after suspecting her husband of infidelity.

WML’s Take – If this movie were about a poet who hires a PI, then I wouldn’t care, but since it’s a restaurant critic, I’m DVRing this bad dad.

*Listed times and days subject to change.