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LMN Lineup 5/2/2011

by | May 1, 2011 | Lifetime Lists | 0 comments

Here are the top 3 movies each day on Lifetime Movie Network I’m looking forward to for the week beginning May 2nd.


Fatal Vows: The Alexandra O’Hara Story -10 PM EST

A banker (Cynthia Gibb) with a young son weds an undercover policeman (John Stamos) who turns out to be a serial killer.

WML’s Take – John Stamos is all I need, but the fact he’s a serial killer, even better.  Wish “Full House” did an episode of John Stamos being a serial killer, would have loved to see that touching ending.

Panic Button – 4 PM EST

A woman (Holly Marie Combs) and her husband move to a new community, where her next-door neighbor (Patrick Muldoon) becomes obsessed with her.

WML’s Take – This can’t be any worse than “Panic Room”

The Boy Next Door – 6 PM EST

A novelist becomes a suspect in a murder investigation after the death of her neighbor.

WML’s Take – “The Girl Next Door” gets too much attention, glad to see a movie is focusing on the boy next door.


Love, Lies and Murder – 8 AM EST

In 1985, housewife Linda Bailey Brown is murdered in her Orange County home. Her teenage stepdaughter, Cinnamon (Moira Kelly), confesses to the murder and is promptly arrested and put in jail. However, police believe she lacks a true motive and become suspicious when Linda’s former husband, David (Clancy Brown), marries her younger sister, Patti (Sheryl Lee). Lacking solid evidence but sensing foul play, the police attempt to build a case against David.

WML’s Take – If it takes place in Orange County, I’m watching.  Dangit, did I just admit to watching “The Real Housewives of Orange County”?

The Stranger Game – 2 PM EST

A working mother hires a male nanny, who ultimately tries to destroy her family.

WML’s Take – I’m sure there’s a variation of this movie, just with a female nanny instead.

Between Truth and Lies – 6 PM EST

A psychiatrist (Mariel Hemingway) tries to protect her daughter from an obsessive psychopath.

WML’s Take – I’ll watch just about any movie with “psychopath” in the synopsis.


Imaginary Playmate – Noon EST

A woman suspects that her stepdaughter’s imaginary friend is a ghost haunting their new house.

WML’s Take – By the time I realized this had nothing to do with a Playboy Playmate, I was too lazy to delete it and put something else in its spot for this day.

Hush Little Baby – 6 PM EST

A woman (Victoria Pratt) who lost her first child suspects that her new daughter is evil.

WML’s Take -Evil little girls in movies creep me the eff out, that’s why I’m watching, Wednesdays are days I feel like getting creeped the eff out.

A Face to Die For – 10 PM EST

A badly scarred woman (Yasmine Bleeth) gets a new life through plastic surgery, then meets the hustler (James Wilder) she went to prison for.

WML’s Take – Yasmine Bleeth in something other than “Bay Watch” and “Basketball”.



The Deadliest Lesson – 6 AM EST

A teacher (Penelope Ann Miller) and a group of students barricade themselves inside a library when thugs infiltrate a Los Angeles high school.

WML’s Take – Takes place in Los Angeles and has to do with thugs, of course I’m tuning in.

Her Deadly Rival – 10 AM EST

Phone calls and gifts from a secret admirer begin to wreck a family man’s (Harry Hamlin) marriage, then murder ends it.

WML’s Take – What an awesome synopsis “then murder ends it” just a powerful way to end the synopsis, hopefully the movie ends with as much power and doesn’t suck.

Caught in the Act – Noon EST

A housewife (Lauren Holly) becomes a private investigator, probing her husband’s suspected infidelity and the death of her friend.

WML’s Take – All I need to see is the name Lauren Holly in the synopsis and I’m game. Lloyd Christmas wasn’t the only one having fantasies about her.


View of Terror – 8 AM EST

A mysterious voyeur stalks a young woman (Shannen Doherty) after she moves into an apartment.

WML’s Take – This is most likely terrible, but it has Shannen Doherty in it, which is well… probably why it’s so terrible.

Unthinkable – 10 AM EST

A policewoman becomes embroiled in a cat-and-mouse game with a killer who murdered her son’s fiancee.

WML’s Take – How has the title “Unthinkable” never been taken in a big budget Hollywood film before?  Sure it was used for a low key Samuel L. flick, but never anything in the theaters.

Whisper – 2 PM EST

Ex-con Max Truemont (Josh Holloway) is desperate for money so he can start a new life with his fiancee (Sarah Wayne Callies). When he is unable to secure the funds by ordinary means, he takes part in a plan to kidnap the young son of one of the state’s wealthiest women. While awaiting instructions at their remote hideout, the kidnappers begin to turn on each other, and Max realizes that the boy may have a supernatural hand in the horrific events that follow.

WML’s Take – I think this movie was in my Netflix Instant Queue for at least a year, but I never watched it.  If LMN is showing it, I guess I should finally watch.


WML’s Take – I’m voting for “While the Children Sleep” because on LMN only the exciting stuff happens while the children are sleeping.


Prison of Secrets – 10 AM EST

A woman (Stephanie Zimbalist) jailed for unwittingly committing crimes rebels against inmate prostitution and abuse.

WML’s Take – I love prison movies and I love prostitution movies so this is a win-win.

Trust – 6 PM EST

The wife of a successful entrepreneur receives mysterious letters and e-mails.

WML’s Take – One word title that is also a movie starring Clive Owen which LMN probably won’t be playing, but looks to be about internet stalkers.  In fact, I think I’d rather see that version instead of the LMN version.

Nothing but the Truth – 10 PM EST

When reporter Rachel Armstrong (Kate Beckinsale) writes a story that reveals the identity of a covert CIA operative, the government demands that Rachel reveal her source. She defies the special prosecutor (Matt Dillon) and is thrown in jail. Meanwhile, her attorney, Albert Burnside (Alan Alda) argues her case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

WML’s Take – Great title and a lot of big names, gotta DVR it.


After Jimmy – 6 PM EST

Parents (Meredith Baxter, Bruce Davison) must come to terms with their teen son’s death by his own hand.

WML’s Take – Hopefully this is like “Death Sentence” with Kevin Bacon and the dad turns gangsta, shaves his head and gets revenge with a sawed off.

Personal Effects – 8 PM EST

A wrestler (Ashton Kutcher) finds romance with an older woman (Michelle Pfeiffer) while looking to punish the man who murdered his sister.

WML’s Take – Ashton isn’t even acting in this movie when he romances with an older woman, he just gets to cheat on Demi and call it “working.”  I’m also going to watch this one to make sure they used the right spelling of “effect” – just want to make sure it shouldn’t be “affect” even though I don’t really know the difference sometimes.

Speak – 10 PM EST

Depressed and withdrawn, a 15-year-old (Kristen Stewart) keeps her rape at a party a secret from friends and family.

WML’s Take – There’s a drinking game with Kristen Stewart and it’s to take a shot every time you see her mouth open.  Just kidding, don’t do that, you’d die of alcohol poisoning or run out of alcohol 1/3 the way through the movie.

*Listed times and days subject to change.