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LMN Lineup 4/18/2011

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Black and Blue – 10 AM EST

New York City cop Bobby Benedetto (Anthony LaPaglia) physically and mentally abuses his wife, Frances (Mary Stuart Masterson). Because Bobby is on the police force, Frances believes it will be useless to tell the authorities about the domestic violence she must endure. Eventually, Frances and her son (Will Rothhaar) escape to Florida, where they enter into the Witness Protection Program. Unfortunately, they aren’t safe for long, as Bobby is expertly trained in the art of pursuing fugitives.

Without Her Consent – Noon EST

An Idahoan’s (Melissa Gilbert) boyfriend (Barry Tubb) joins her in Hollywood and learns she has been assaulted by a neighbor (Scott Valentine).

Student Seduction – 2 PM EST

A happily married teacher (Elizabeth Berkley) is falsely accused of having a sexual relationship with a student (Corey Sevier) who accosted her.

Web of Desire – 4 PM EST

An online confidant threatens the career and family of a doctor.

Night of Terror – 6 PM EST

A crazed killer tracks a troubled family during a relentless storm.

The Obsession – 8 PM EST

A ballet teacher dates a woman to get closer to her daughter.

The Perfect Assistant – 10 PM EST

A woman feels the need to tell her married boss that she is in love with him.


Living With the Enemy – 10 AM EST

A newlywed (Sarah Lancaster) thinks her husband was involved in the suspicious death of his first wife.

Flirting With Danger – Noon EST

A man (James Thomas) falls for a mysterious woman (Charisma Carpenter) who was involved with his late friend.

Dark Beauty – 2 PM EST

A photographer (Alicia Coppola) uncovers treacherous secrets about a young widow (Elizabeth Berkley) who is engaged to her wealthy friend.

Devil in the Flesh 2 – 4 PM EST

A psychopath (Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) kills collegians and faculty who get in the way of her obsession with a professor.

All the Good Ones Are Married – 10 PM EST

A troubled young woman has an affair with a man whose spouse (Daryl Hannah) took her into their home.


Cheaters’ Club – 10 AM EST

The female patients of a controversial therapist begin to die after she tells them to become adulterers.

Deadly Vows – Noon EST

A younger woman (Josie Bissett) weds a married man (Gerald McRaney) who uses her in a plot to murder his other wife.

Ties That Bind – 2 PM EST

A young couple jeopardize their marriage when they rent their guesthouse to a seductive woman.

Engaged to Kill – 4 PM EST

A young man dates a teenager whose mother he blames for the death of a previous girlfriend.

She’s No Angel – 6 PM EST

A woman (Tracey Gold) on the run tries to start a new life while hiding her secret past.

The Coverup – 8 PM EST

A repeatedly drunken driver is found dead behind a police station.


Trophy Wife -10 AM EST

A murderous blackmailer threatens to frame a wealthy widow (Brooke Burns) for her estranged husband’s death on a yacht.

Obsessed – Noon EST

A woman (Jenna Elfman) claims she had an affair with a married neurosurgeon and stands trial for allegedly harassing him.

Deadly Encounter – 2 PM EST

Life becomes increasingly dangerous for a woman (Laura Leighton) and her young son (Daniel Magder) when a crazed stranger (Al Goulem) begins stalking them.

Devil’s Pond – 4 PM EST

After a brief courtship, Julianne (Tara Reid) marries her handsome boyfriend, Mitch (Kip Pardue). To celebrate their honeymoon, the couple travel to a remote cabin on a small island. When they arrive, however, Mitch becomes aggressive and physically abusive, and Julianne soon realizes he’s not the ideal husband she once thought he was. Knowing that Mitch doesn’t plan on ever letting her leave the island, Julianne, who is afraid of water, must find a way to escape.

You Belong to Me – 6 PM EST

Mysterious and frightening events plague a woman.

Viewers’ Choice – 8 PM & 10 PM EST


Mother, May I Sleep With Danger? – 6 AM EST

A woman (Lisa Banes) eventually deduces that her teenage daughter’s (Tori Spelling) boyfriend (Ivan Sergei) is a psychopath who has already killed once.

The Wives He Forgot – 8 AM EST

An amnesiac goes on trial for bigamy after more than one woman claims to be married to him.

Where Are My Children? – 10 AM EST

In 1962 a Georgia divorcee (Marg Helgenberger) gets out of jail to learn someone has kidnapped her children.

The Other Woman – Noon EST

A woman (Natalie Portman) tries to mend her relationship with her stepson and deal with her husband’s jealous ex-wife (Lisa Kudrow) while trying to come to terms with the loss of her newborn.

Long Lost Son – 2 PM EST

A woman believes she sees her dead son with her estranged husband in a vacation video.

Tell Me No Lies – 6 PM EST

A woman (Kelly Rutherford) suspects her rebellious daughter (Kirsten Prout) is in trouble after the teenager wrecks her car.


When Andrew Came Home – 10 AM EST

A woman (Park Overall) reunites with her emotionally damaged son (Seth Adkins), kidnapped five years earlier by her abusive ex-husband.

Too Young to Be a Dad – 2 PM EST

A teacher (Kathy Baker) tries to help her teenage son (Paul Dano) make the right decision after he impregnates a classmate.