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Author: Keith

LMN Lineup 5/9/2011

Here are some of the movies I’m looking forward to this week and definitely DVRing.  I’m sure I’ve listed some that I’ve listed in weeks past but who cares, watch it again. Monday Lies in Plain Sight -4 PM EST A blind woman (Martha Higareda) uncovers dark secrets while investigating the suicide of her cousin. WML’s Take -Who isn’t rooting for a blind woman uncovering dark secrets while investigating a suicide? Justice for Natalee Holloway – 8 PM EST on Lifetime HD (Lifetime Premiere) The mother (Tracy Pollan) of a missing teenager (Amy Gumenick) works with law enforcement officers to find justice for her daughter. WML’s Take – Based on a true story, this is a movie about the disappearance of Natalee Holloway.  I’m not overly excited for this as it’s based on a true story and will probably just center around the trial. Tuesday The Accidental Witness – 6 AM EST A murderer pursues an attorney, believing that the woman saw one of his crimes. WML’s Take – Great title and great story line.  You have to love the movies where someone sees something they shouldn’t see and they’re on the run. Personal Indiscretions – 8 AM EST A romance novelist (Janine Turner) is the prime suspect in the murder of a widower (Nick Kiriazis) she met on the Internet. WML’s Take – I’m always up for a...

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