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About Waste My Lifetime

WTF is Waste My Lifetime is a site dedicated to any movie shown on Lifetime or LMN and maybe some other random pop culture references.

Waste My Lifetime is meant to be a place anyone who enjoys Lifetime movies can go read a review for a movie or read about other stuff that has to do with Lifetime movies, such as Made Up Movies or real life stories that could make for great Lifetime movies.

Waste My Lifetime hopefully becomes the illest site on the web for Lifetime movies.

Who the Eff is Keith?

Keith is just your typical mid twenties male who not only enjoys sports, video games, and working out, but also enjoys Lifetime movies.  He figured if he’s going to spend multiple hours watching Lifetime movies, why not at least write about to see if others share his feelings?  He is also writing this “About” section in the third person.

Not only is Keith incredibly good looking, but he’s an all around nice and humble guy.